Thursday, February 14, 2013

Diving Into Cake!

Last night I saw a post on my friend's Facebook page that she was going to dive into a cake for a contest 97.1 FM was doing and they were giving away a diamond ring and many other prizes. I thought that would be fun to go watch so Tony & I got up at 6am this morning...okay....he got up at 6am, I got up about 15 min later. Tony made us toast and eggs for breakfast and we headed out about 630 because it was supposed to start at 7. Turns out the dive didnt happen until 7:45 but it was nice to visit with Susan before the contest. This event was held at the mall in West Valley.

The cake. It was so big!

Susan , anxious and ready to dive in to the cake!

Lots of people there to watch & also participate. 
Out of 900 applicants , only 97 were chosen!

So many ladies in a mess of cake! Looking for small slips of white laminated paper that would tell them what they won.

Here's the slip of paper that Susan found. She ended up getting to trade it for a gift card for her favorite chocolates though. Nice!

Good thing she brought a change of clothes & a towel. Some girls had soo much cake on them and in their hair. Susan was smart and wore a bandanna. I would have done that too.

This is the girl who won the ring. She has been coming to this for 6 years trying to win it. I was very impressed by that! Her dedication paid off. Congrats to her!

Radio station talking to the winner and the guy with his back to me was the one who had the diamond ring to give her. Susan got a picture of it on her phone. It was really really pretty!

Got a picture her of Big Budah (right hand corner)
Very popular on Fox 13 here in Utah. Was cool to see him in real life

Still some people out there desperately trying to find a slip of paper for a win

 Aftermath. There was not much cake left. Pretty gross looking now.

Thank you Susan for posting this on your Facebook - so glad we got to come watch!

For more pictures & video click HERE

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