Monday, December 17, 2012

Blogger Night with Cricut at Provo Craft!

December 5th Aimee and I met up once again to go to a blogger night for some sweet fun and announcements with Cricut at the Provo Craft building. Once I finally found the building (GPS lead me astray a bit, oops!) I rode the elevator up to the 6th floor with some other bloggers and met up with Aimee who had saved me a spot in line. We got checked in and began such an awesome evening!

Aimee and I got our picture with the Cricut mascot!

Room was decorated with all kinds of decorations cut out by the Cricut machine. Such a neat set up!

Met in the breakroom - standing room only by the time we got in there! to hear Nathan speak to us for a bit about some exciting new things and then the CEO himself, Ashish , was there and spoke to us for a bit. Did a little Q&A/feedback and then it was pretty much over.

 While we listened to Nathan and Ashish we got some great treats to snack on. This picture is of the creamers for the hot chocolate! I picked York Peppermint Patty. Sooo yummy! Fancy :)

 Red velvet cake bites, delicious!

 Creamers, lots of marshmallows and other treats

 Here is the craft I made for the gift exchange. Everyone was invited to bring a homemade gift. I feel like my stuff is never something someone would want to receive as a gift, esp compared to some of the super crafty bloggers in Utah...but! I managed to make this shadowbox with bells inside. I used my Cricut to cut out the words "Jingle All the Way". Turned out decent, I hope the person who got it was happy with it.

 We all got an number when we checked in and it matched up to a present on the table. I got the lime green bag with pink wrapping paper. 

 Then I spent a few minutes taking pictures of more decorations all made from the Cricut machine. Amazing!

Loved this lampshade!

 The ornaments and Santa on the tree

This festive tree

Great wreath!

Loved the garland, neat idea!

Such an exciting evening and I cant wait to use my Cricut more. I downloaded the Cricut Craft Room software to my laptop and started a new blog that I will link you to soon that will have more craft related projects and adventures on it.


A said...

I look terrible in that picture!!! Barf!!!! :/

Stacie said...

sorry :( Im glad you were in the pic but I guess I shoulda thought to take one with just me so I could put it on the blog. Do you want me to crop you out?