Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Riding the Train

December 1st I went to ride the new Frontrunner train with other UTA employees, their families and bloggers. We could sign up to go either Saturday or Sunday but it worked out better to go on Saturday. Tony was watching his Boise State game so I went and had some 'me' time riding the train.

My ticket to ride!

 My waiting feet with my laptop bag. The train has free wifi! Totally awesome and I used it pretty much the entire time to tweet , Instagram , Facebook and play some Words with Friends.

My view of the mall and the mountains while I waited. It was colder than I thought, wish I had worn a hat and gloves!

The tracks

Looking down the tracks

People are documenting the train coming - everyone was excited! Esp. because the train came late..I think it was suppose to come at 2:57 but it arrived shortly after 3. Felt like it took forever!


Some scenery as we were riding

 Thanks again esp to Tauni Everett for setting this all up and dealing with everyone. Much appreciated! It was so much fun to ride the train with so many interesting people a week before it was open to the public :)


Sean and Deana said...

That looks so fun! I want to ride a train someday. I dont think the light rail counts haha

Stacie said...

Well, this is kind of like light rail I guess. I've never ridden a true chug chug type of train..this train is fast! But pretty fun..esp the wifi. Haha