Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Outlets at Traverse Mountain!

I was able to get on the invite list for blogger night at the new Traverse Mountain Outlets in Lehi on November 15th. I had been out in the area the night before which was handy because I knew right where to go! I met up with my friend Aimee and we got a welcome from the head person who helped make the outlets happen. I wish I could remember her name!

Then we all got a swag bag with some gifts and coupons and we were sent off to shop! We got raffle tickets for bringing canned food for the Utah Food Bank and a radio station was drawing numbers every thirty minutes. Aimee and I each won a gift card, thank goodness! We had soo many raffle tickets. I picked a gift card to the Gold Toe sock store & bought some Christmas presents ;-)

We were told to check out the bathrooms so we made sure to do that! The bathrooms were so big and spacious! The hallway in to the bathroom, the space between the stalls, IN the stalls ( I checked that out a week or so later) and the mothers lounge, so much room for strollers and moms with kids. Everything was super clean and the design was modern and fit in well.

There were free treats along the way, my hands were so full I did not take a picture but there were tables set up that you could get hot chocolate, popcorn and other yummy treats as you shopped. So nice!

This became one of my new favorite stores and I took some pictures of some of my favorite items. Since Black Friday was coming...and Christmas too, I just window shopped and drooled for now.

Spent some time in Le Creuset which is a neat store that has kitchen dishes and neat accessories in fun colors. I bought Tony a Christmas present there. Hehe.  Ultra Diamonds & Gold was a store with jewelry at excellent prices. I was so surprised.  We spent awhile in there looking around and made friends with one of the girls who worked there. I cant wait to take Tony to the store and show him whats there. Next we hit up the Gap and I bought Riley a Christmas present. So many sales + we had a coupon but I only walked out with 1 thing. It was pretty crowded in there! We window shopped the other stores and I want to go back again for sure to look around some more.

The prices out here are so great, I love going shopping at the outlet stores and I can sense future trips to the outlets at Traverse Mountain in the future!

Be aware that the only places to get food so far are Johnny Rockets (YUM) and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (double yum!) More restaurants will be added as time goes on.

Check out the website for more information and details on hours, stores, etc!


lj said...

You're always doing such fun things! I usually don't like shopping, but I would if refreshments were served.

A said...

That was such a fun "shopping" nite. So nice to not feel rushed and just walk around!!