Monday, December 3, 2012

Snow Owls

A few weeks ago we got our first big snow of the season...I'm not sure if I should say 'season' because it hasn't really snowed since then! Here are some fun pictures we took to document the day - which happened to be Saturday.

What our street looked like when we woke up in the morning

Our front yard. The snow is pretty thick!

Came up to the top of our boots

Back of the building

My car in the carport & Tony's motorcycle

Tony with a bunch of snow piled on his truck

back parking lot of our neighbors

Our neighbors on the other side.

So then Tony said, "lets go to a park." We went to one at the community center down the street from where we live and found a baseball field full of untouched snow.

So we decided to play

and we built a snowman

And soon we had a completed snowman

Sometimes I punch snowmen

Tony is kinder to them than I was

Maybe a little too kind...

So I changed my mind and decided to become friends


We turned our snowman into a snow owl. Haha
 Playing in the snow is hard work and Tony was hungry

So we went home and built 1 more snow owl for our front yard. Just a head this time


 Got changed & headed to Zupa's for lunch. Mmm. I love a good salad with lots of fruit in it and a grilled panini with meat, tomato and guac

We went out to do some Christmas shopping & errands and I won a free pie at Smith's when we walked in and they were handing out raffle tickets and giving away food every 15 minutes. It was such a fun day!


The Gilberts said...

What a fun day!! I love that snow owl! That's super creative!

A said...

Love the snow owl!!
Playing in fresh non walked in snow is the bestest. :). Even though I hate hate hate snow!!

Sean and Deana said...

Wow it looks so beautiful. Haha I actually laughed out loud when I read the "sometimes I punch snowmen" part. Goodness you two are so cute.