Friday, November 16, 2012

Wrapping Things Up in Albuquerque

This is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. Taken Sunday morning with Judy and I in the basket of her balloon, a zebra (helpers on the field) on the left, volunteer, Ray who was helping Judy and Tony!

This got us in to park close and Judy let us borrow it to hang in our car for a couple days. 
So handy to have this!

Tony took all these awesome fireworks pictures

Yea I know, there are a TON of these pictures!

Seriously some awesome fireworks. Tons better than any we saw on the 4th of July, hands down.

I'm so super glad we decided to go to the Balloon Fiesta again this year. It would be cool to make it a tradition, we'll see what happens in 2013!

So happy that Tony & I finally got to help Judy set up her balloon on Sunday when the weather was better and even though she didn't end up going up in the sky it was fun to see how everything worked.

The end...'til next time!

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Sean and Deana said...

I so want to go in a hot air ballone someday. Sean isn't a fan of heights though so it might be some work to convience him haha. Those firework pictures are pretty awesome. Kuddos to Tony.