Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Utah State Fair

Got a free ticket to get in to the fair by a guy handing them out which was nice of him! It was only $5/person to get in on the opening day of the fair anyways. We also got free parking and parked right across the street - so good! 

Started out with going to The Taste of Utah. Ahh my hands were so full of samples that I did not hardly get any pictures but here are a few...

Got to sample pizza, some gluten free food, taffy, ice cream sandwiches, meat, chips, Apple Beer! a drink they serve at Tucanos and more...

There seemed to be a lot more people than last year!

From the burrito table..pretty delicious and kind of spicy in my mouth

Then we went to the free concert - the band Parachute performed. I really like their music!

Waiting in line

He climbed up so high!

Showing off my owl necklace in my watch

The band reflected in my watch

This clown was making us laugh so much (in the white shirt) by mimicking people

We could not stop laughing!

He clipped a string on some guy's shirt with a clothespin and pretended to walk the guy in the black shirt. Haha!

 Then I spied some birds so we went and Tony talked to a guy holding a hawk for awhile. I admired this pretty white bird

Then we went in to the building and I got a free owl poster. Heck yes!

Sadly we missed the show at 7pm with the owl that flies over the audience. Might have to go to the fair again to see that!

There's an owl on my head!

Now I am a mountain lion cub I guess

 Topped off the night with walking through a few of the exhibition buildings and getting cotton candy. Fun times at the fair!


lj said...

I'm so glad you're not doing your anti-sugar thing, because that would ruin the whole fair!

Your watch looks like the whole universe is inside it and it's beautiful.

Stacie said...

Srsly I'm SO glad that is over - you dont even know! I think the watch is $40 on their website but I'm not totally sure on that. Going to do a review on my blog about (Kno)name [watch brand] sometime soon!