Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Joy Luck Restaurant

 Strawberry Chicken

Mongolian Beef

We pass by this place often on the way to Costco but dont always notice it even though it is a fairly good sized place. 

Their menu was so fantastic it was hard to pick just one item to try! Tony got the strawberry chicken and I tried a piece and it was really tasty! Not too overwhelmingly strawberry tasting. There are pieces of strawberries cut up in among the chicken with a sweet sauce.

I cant seem to find on their menu what I got exactly but it had onions, mushrooms , a green veggie and beef (or I could have had chicken). I really liked the way mine tasted. We got a small pot of rice to share to eat with our food.

I cant wait to go back again and try some more items on the menu such as the soups, noodles, Hawaiian rice and the pineapple chicken!

They are located in Bountiful and Sandy

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