Sunday, September 16, 2012

Couponing Craziness

Walmart shopping trip in Idaho with my sister in law and my youngest brother on Saturday evening about 10pm. Took us til 12:30 to get the check out process started.

Spent some time in my car sorting coupons so we could be more prepared once we got inside

Trishna and cart had food and the other cart had for the most part had the non-food items. So when you spend $25 on items (food or personal) with no coupons then anything after that either rounded up to $1 or doubled. Pretty fantastic. I cant coupon like this in Utah!

Took a picture of the food items:

white rice, brown rice, mayo, nutella, veggies, cans of chicken, soup starters, pasta salad, cereal, Rice Krispy Treats and Crystal Light. Not pictured are the 4 bags of chips I got (1 went to Trishna and 1 went to Evan)

Picture of the non food items:

Deoderant, shampoo, Glade air fresheners, soap, toothpaste, Dawn, Neosporin, razors, floss and face stuff

Altogether if I had not couponed then it would have been $200 for all this stuff!
But with couponing we got everything for about $100 and I had a $20 giftcard so I only paid $80 out of pocket. Not bad I guess! 

Super huge thanks to Evan and Trishna for spending a few hours of their evening helping with this project! Thanks as well to my mother in law for letting me know I should bring all my coupons to Idaho :)

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Sean and Deana said...

Thats a dang impressive shopping trip! I'm trying to do better with couponing. Walmart does price match anyway and I just got an app on my ipad that tells me all the sales going on at other stores so that has helped!