Monday, September 17, 2012

A Trip to Idaho

This year for my birthday, Tony's mom got me a ticket to go to Time Out for Women in Boise, Idaho.  I was pretty excited to go because I have not gone since I was 18 at least and living in CA. It's always a great thing to participate in and I felt like it would be good to go again. Tony & I left Friday evening and drove to Nampa to his parents house. Arrived a bit after 1am and I had to be up at 7am because we were leaving the house to pick up 3 other people at 730! I managed to be ready to go just in time and once we arrived in downtown Boise we had seats saved for us so that was really nice to sit where we did.

Stage set-up. Pink and gray and white. Very nice

Hilary Weeks spoke and sang

Slideshow during intermission I recognized the people in the picture on the left! Very cool

We ate at Five Guys across the street for lunch but after waiting nearly an hour for our food I did not waste time taking a picture of it because I was so hungry!

My youngest brother Evan, 16, driving my car. He actually did a pretty good job.
We were headed to Tony's parents house for dinner - pizza! with his brother , sister in law and niece.

Did some 'extreme' couponing with Evan and Tony's sister Trishna in the evening at Walmart. More on this in a separate post. I got a total of 90 items. So insane and exhausting.  I'm glad I dont do this every day but I will say couponing in Idaho is WAY better than in Utah!

On Sunday we went to Tony's parents ward for church. I recognize certain families from being there in the past so it's fun to see them and how their kids have grown.

Went to my parents house for a lunch of tacos and Allison  & her husband Trevor came over too.

I got to meet my newest nephew Teagan. My dad is holding him in this picture. 
He slept the entire time, only opening his eyes once in awhile to take a peek at who was holding him.

Even Tony took a turn holding Teagan!

I'll get to see him again at Thanksgiving!


The Rosenau's said...

What a fun trip! I love the pictures of baby Teagan :)

Stacie said...

Thanks! I really hope you get to come at Thanksgiving!