Monday, August 13, 2012

It's Finally Fair. A County Fair.

Last Wednesday the Salt Lake County fair started and I knew if we did not go opening night then it would be too busy the rest of the week to go and it is like the Woodland fair, only a few days long. I'm so glad we went! First we walked around the exhibition building and then we walked around outside.

Heard Josh Gracin performing

I love going in to the tent that has different kinds of birds in it & rabbits too
This rooster (?) had a really funky hairstyle!

"What are you looking at?"

This rabbit was really fat

I really liked this rabbit. It looked like a big hamster, kind of

This rabbit was so big! So long that he could pretty much touch corner to corner in his cage. Wow.

This bird was funny, had ruffly feathers on its chest

This one was pretty

Pretty feathers!

Weird looking ones!

More pretty feather designs

Walking back towards the rides

No cotton candy this time. Not until I'm done with my 'sugar shut-out' for the month of August!

I didnt know my camera could take cool pictures like this!

  Def. a fun night out at the fair. Looking forward to the state fair coming up soon even though the state fairs in AZ and CA are bigger and better.


lj said...

I know you're not eating sugar this month, but what about all the sugar-free fatty, salty fried fair food? That's the best part of a fair!

Stacie said...

We had just had dinner right before heading to the fair or I totally would have bought something salty or fatty! The state fair is in Sept. so I'll be sure to get some good treats then!