Monday, August 13, 2012

Saturday - Farmer's Market & Reception

Tony , his sister Trishna & I started out our Saturday morning by going to the Boise Farmer's Market. It was crazy big - so much to see! 

Sampled samples

I'm guessing this is the Boise River on the side of this building. 

We got back to Tony's parents house around noon and what a delicious set up was on the table! Potato salad, fruit salad, salad with marshmallows, chips and pulled pork sandwiches. Everything tasted so so good. I think my favorite was the fruit salad.  I am doing a "sugar-shutout" challenge for the month of August so sadly I could not have any of the salad with marshmallows in it.

There was homemade ice cream for dessert but somehow Tony's mom magically had sugar free chocolate ice cream in her freezer so I had a scoop of that instead. Yay!

 When Laura & Rocky found out that Jeffrey & McKayla were only having cake, nuts and candy at their reception, they set to work making some appetizers. Tony & I were looking forward to floating down the river, it was hot! But instead helped Laura and Rocky out with the food. One of them being a certain peruvian flavor we had to find called "ajo amarillo" so we made calls and drove a few places to find it. Trishna rode to a few stores with us and we finally found! The ONLY place in Idaho that sells it , at least in the area we were at. I'll spare all the details though about the adventure. Tony & I put together the cheese/meat/tomatoes on toothpicks. Fun.

  Riley in his little Sunday suit at my parents house waiting to go to the reception. He is trying to kick his pants off. Lol

We finally arrived at the reception at almost 8pm because we had spent so long to get the appetizers ready (they were dropped off at the church around 7pm) , then we had to shower, iron clothes, change. Yea, it took awhile to get ready.

We didnt miss their dance

By the time we arrived , they had already cut the cake but they cut more cake together later to eat so I snapped a picture.

Table set up with drinks and slices of cake

Table for presents

Someone made sure the car got decorated even though they were only driving down the street. 

Laura, Allison & I stopping to take a picture..we were supposed to be cleaning up the cultural hall. Allison is my youngest sister and is due with a baby boy later on in August. I believe they scheduled the birth to be on the 23rd. I had not seen her at all since she got pregnant so it was a nice little reunion but weird to think she will be a mom soon!


The Rosenau's said...

I love boise farmers market it never disappoints!
I can't stop laughing at the picture of riley trying to kick his pants off.....rofl i can just imagine it!

Stacie said...

Yea I should have made a movie, it was pretty funny! I wish we could have spent a bit longer at the Farmers Market but we only had to rush a little at the end so I think we did alright :)