Saturday, May 5, 2012

Color Me Rad 5K!

Get ready for a picture overload!

 I really wanted to do a 5K called "The Color Run" after seeing my cousin and friends in AZ participate. It looked like so much fun but sadly it was not coming to Utah. The closest locations were Las Vegas and Boise. We planned to do the one in Boise in August but then somehow I heard about a similar 5K called "Color Me Rad" and since it was happening in Utah we decided that it would be more affordable and we would not have to travel as far. I've been excited about it for awhile. Not so excited that none of my Facebook friends seemed to want to participate. Those very few that did want to weren't able to. There were some ladies I am friends with on Twitter that went but they formed their own team. 

 So, Tony and I were a team of 2. Panda Power.  
 I don't know why I save things til the last minute but I was up 
until 1230 making our matching shirts.

 The Color Me Rad truck coming by

  The starting line is under that white bubble blow up balloon. We were standing in the sun to stay warm and got so far back from the line to start. 


Guys on a lift throwing out colored chalk, tshirts and sweatshirts to lucky 5K'ers

Sooo many porta-potties!

 My "bib" was supposed to be worn on the front so I pinned it at the very bottom of my shirt

Taking some pix before the 5K started

Other people waiting for the 5K to start

Not much color on me yet - just waiting to start!

 The walkers/joggers

Color on the ground. We all got 1 packet of color with our registration. 
Some used theirs early but we saved ours til the color throwing at the end

 Tony is a pink panda. Hehe

 I spy a color station coming up! We couldnt walk straight over there, we had to walk around

Color Station! People with buckets of colored chalk dust and also people with paint sprayers really got you good as you went through. There were 5 stations altogether I think

 Going through a tunnel

 Tony & I held hands most of the way

 The ever famous Devin Graham (blue shirt) filming at the water cup table

 There was a table full of cups right before this filled with water. 
Everyone just dumped their cups in a pile on the ground when they were empty. Hehe

 The route was very pretty and it got warmer as we walked but a slight breeze kept temperatures manageable.

Cute little girl

This picture got way too much light in it but the statue got some color on as well!

Headed towards the finish line

 FINISHED! We jogged a tiny bit but walked or  speed walked most of the way. Started at 9am and we finished about 9:50am. Not bad for walking and sometimes having to stop at the color stations because there was just so many people

I like the girl with the colorful flower swim cap. Reminds me of the olden days for some reason.

Every ten minutes there was a color throwing so we stayed for a couple of them before leaving

Wave your hands in the air - wave 'em like you just dont care!

Throwing out some more swag

All done!

Back in the car - ready to drive home

My friend Jaclyn was there! Tony accidentally made a movie instead of taking a picture. Haha

If you are interested in participating in the Color Me Rad 5K next year (or this year if it hasnt hit your city yet!) check out their website for more information

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gillian luce said...

I am SO JEALOUS you got to do this race!! I wanted to when it came to Virginia Beach (May 6th) but I was out of town. :( Looks like you had fun though! Congrats 4 completing a 5K, any plans for any upcoming races? :)