Monday, April 30, 2012

Spaghetti Night

I love spaghetti! I eat it so fast that sometimes my stomach hurts. I love store bought spaghetti but even better and even more special , is homemade spaghetti. My friend Jen came to visit Utah for a week in April and stayed at my house. On the final night before she flew on to her next destination, Tony & I invited her and Todd over for dinner. I got these pictures from Jen's Facebook page, I didnt really take any pictures of my own that evening.

After the dough is made, you have to run in through the pasta maker a few times to flatten it out

Then you get to make it in to spagetti

 Jen and Todd working at flattening their dough

 They did a great job!

"Helping Tony" by being supportive :) hehe

 We watched a movie as we ate dinner. Here is the finished product!

 We enjoyed a fruit pizza made by my sister Laura. It was so so so good!

 Group shot before we said goodnight. It was soo nice to see Jenn again and make a new friend by meeting her friend Todd. I love it when my friends in other states come to visit and it was even more special because Jenn got to sleep over at my house for a few nights. Come again anytime - great fun!

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Sean and Deana said...

That sounds like such a great night! I love love love spaghetti. Its my favorite meal too.