Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Belated Christmas Post - For Shame!

I realize from time to time I never blogged about Christmas! Since its only 7 months or 223 days away until the next Christmas , I'd better blog about it now and do a better job next time!

Our tree that we cut down and put up in our house in Utah 

Felt and still feel, so so blessed to be able to go to California for Christmas. I was worried what would happen to my tradition of going home to see my relatives and friends when I got married. I'm sure we wont always be able to go to CA for Christmas but I sure am so glad we got to go home this time. The weather was great and my friend Jennifer rode with us as she used to live in Woodland too and her family is still there. We bought chains just in case but ended up not even needing them. Drove all night and got to Linda's house, where we were staying, probably around 5 or 6 am. 

 We helped Linda decorate her tree with light and presents

Hung our stockings

 My friend Kokob stopped by for a visit - love and miss her always!

Spent some time fixing my car while I was in Woodland which was a bummer. Cant remember now everything that happened but my back brakes needed to be done so my Uncle Tom so graciously lended Tony his shop/garage so he could get them replaced. It was really really nice as he also had all the tools and we didnt have to make space in the car to bring our own tools. Our car was pretty packed with luggage and presents! Also one of my headlights burned out and that was kind of a pain to get the light because we barely got in before the store closed. Trying to put it in was tricky too. 

Christmas morning I woke up and Tony told me to come downstairs and see what Santa had brought. I spied owl under the tree and quickly ran down the last few steps and towards the tree. Was super super excited, as you can probably tell from the picture. For those of you that dont know the story, we were at Walmart a week or two prior to Christmas and passed a middle crate full of Pillow Pets. I immediately saw the owl and thought it was the cutest ever. I wanted to carry it around with us while we shopped but Tony said no. I got hysterical (inside) but tried to manage my emotions. I kept trying to 'escape' Tony's arm around me or walking hand in hand with him so I could go back and get the owl. Even towards the end of the trip when I was in the restroom, I came out and Tony had already paid for everything and was ready to go to the car. That night I tried to find the owl Pillow Pet online with no luck. One website had had it but it was no longer in stock. It wasnt even listed on the Pillow Pet website! We tried a few other Walmarts and some Walgreens looking for the owl and I pretty much gave up hope I'd ever see it again. But then,  Christmas day is so magical and owl was waiting for me under the tree that morning. Love it!

 Pandy and Hoote (our 'kids') each got a present on Christmas morning

 These were their presents! So perfect for them!

 Wearing the owl hat Tony got me and Flipz chocolate covered 
pretzels (that I got me..lol)

Stack of presents!

 Tony opening his gifts. I was so excited to watch him open them and 
see how he liked everything.

This year was different for Christmas as it was at my aunt and uncle's house in Woodland instead of my grandparents house in Rocklin. I was kind of sad about that as I grew up going to their house since I was a kid but I know things dont stay the same forever. 

My plate of food - omgosh! SO SO GOOD...ham, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, carrots, green beans, fruit salad...

Anne and Uncle Tom getting food in the kitchen ..yummy rolls made it in the picture too

My grandpa eating dinner, he was so hungry I guess because you can barely see his 
hand because its moving so fast! Hehehe

Anne , Jason , Aunt Sharon and my grandpa

Uncle Tom relaxing after opening presents

Grandma with some presents


Me with my grandparents (my dad's parents)

 My aunt got me this super sweet wrap around bracelet. How did she know I wanted one?!

New Chase Bank on Main Street. Just snapped a random pic.

Other than that our time was spent seeing friends, dropping off chocolate covered pretzels I had dipped and the Skinner family Christmas newsletter. Visited the Erkens who moved in to the house I grew up in, visited our old neighbors across the street , some thrift store shopping too I think and it was just so great to be back in my old stomping grounds and remember how things used to be. Good times.

Here's to hoping we can go to California for Christmas again this year but we'll see!

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