Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Lil Car Show Fun

Tony and I were out and about one evening and saw that green and black truck in the middle about to pull off of a side street. We'd never seen anything like it so we watched where it was going and after we picked up Tony's free Artisan pizza from Dominos ;-) we headed over to this parking lot near our house where they sometimes have cars on display. There weren't a lot of cars there but we had fun looking around.

Sweet ride

 I love the old style way they did the dashboard back in the day and the fonts

Loving the color of this truck!

 My dad had a car similar to this when we were growing up and we called it the "whipping ride car" because sometimes on a Saturday he would take a few of us on a ride down a country road and with all the windows rolled down, our hair would whip in our faces. Good memories.

Maybe its almost the same car? I cant remember

 Sweet orange car raised high up off the ground!

 Two shots of the back of this cool truck that we saw. The bed design was so crazy! Well, the bed was wood but the shape of the back was nothing like I'd ever seen!

We were waiting to see if we were going to help a friend move or not but I sent a couple texts and left a msg with no response so we went to Michaels where I shopped for a bit, the Dollar Tree (couldnt find fat popsicle sticks there either!) , Smiths and then I got a text back from my friend saying they had delivered everything to the new apartment if we wanted to come help unload there. I asked what the address was but never heard back so we went to a frozen yogurt place called U-Swirl and it was pretty tasty! 20 flavors and tons of toppings. 

 Mine (above) was rootbeer, coconut and I cant remember the 2 other flavors I tried. This place had marachino cherries! So I put a few of those, mini gummy bears (always) and these round balls that have juice inside. I dont know what they are called.

Tony's (below) consisted of fruit and a few flavors of frozen yogurt. 
It was a bummer not to be able to help my friend move but we ended up getting a few others things done that evening as well as finding a new favorite place for a treat :)

Where's your favorite place to get froyo?

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