Monday, April 30, 2012

SLC Festival of Colors


 Sadly we did not take any 'before' pictures. This picture we got as we were leaving the Krishna temple.

We got to use our extra chalk from the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork

Right after the colors were thrown in to the air. It was very dusty!
I'm glad we all had bandanas but I still got a little bit of chalk in my mouth. 

Tony got a nice handprint by me on the back of his shirt

 Colored feets!

 It was Evan's first time going to the Festival of Colors. I think he had a really fun time

 Colorful hands!

 This picture makes me laugh every single time I see it. The creeper behind Evan's left shoulder-oh my!

It was super fun to go to this even though it was not nearly as big as the one in Spanish Fork. I think I have caught up on my colored chalk dust throwing to make up for the years I missed! 

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