Monday, April 30, 2012

Riley's Baby Blessing

 Sunday morning we went to Rocky and Laura's ward for church. They met at 11am and it was a more convenient time for everyone to attend sacrament mtg rather than our ward which doesnt meet until 1pm. Church went well, I think it was Riley's first time at church so they had a few people come up to see him. Turns out the ward they attend is President Monson's ward and he happened to be there that day! Pretty freakin' cool! We saw him in the foyer after church but just stared and oohed and ahhed (LOL, jk) instead of going over to take a picture with him or shake his hand.

 Jeffrey and his girlfriend drove  from Rexburg to SLC at 11pm Saturday night and so they were at our house in the morning for breakfast and church. This is Jeff holding Riley for the first time.
They left on Monday afternoon. It was nice to see them and meet McKayla.

 They had Riley blessed at home and Rocky's mom and sister came. It was nice to have the blessing done in a smaller setting although I still think if they had done it at church , they could have invited 
Pres. Monson to stand in on the blessing circle! haha

 Rocky and Riley

We enjoyed a nice lunch of pizza and salad. 
It was great to have everyone get together and see Rocky's mom who has been in Utah visiting and helping with the new babies that have been added to the family in the beginning of the year.

A final picture before my parents and Evan left to drive back to Idaho.

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