Monday, April 30, 2012

The Parents Come to Town!

Omgoodness Im so behind in my blogging again! My parents and Evan came to visit Laura and I in SLC from Idaho on the wknd of April 13th. I was able to work a half day on Friday and met up with  my parents and Evan at City Creek Mall downtown. We walked around and looked at the stores, got a snack at Kneaders and then went home to wait for Tony to get off work so we could go to eat.

My dad bought me the mint chocolate brownie. It was really sweet and not very small. I had a few bites and then saved the rest for Tony to try. It had a brownie layers on the bottom, mint creme in the middle and a solid layer of milk chocolate on the top. YUM!

Evan and I at Sweet Tomatoes where we went for dinner. Here we are with our tiny ice cream cones. My dad was really looking forward to eating here as the last time we ate here was when they picked me up from the mission I think. We all had a great time and spent at least two hours there eating and socializing. 

Laura was not able to meet up with us on Friday but she did meet up with us on Saturday.
First though we took Evan to REI with us, went to get some lunch and used a coupon in our Entertainment Book and then went to the Festival of Colors , this time in SLC. It was cool because Evan was able to participate with us this time!

Guess Im going to have to do a separate blog post about this as it would fill up too much room with all the pictures I took! So, after the Festival of Colors we went home and got cleaned up and then waited for Laura to arrive with Riley so more of the family could meet him for the first time.

 My mom got to hold Riley first

 My parents just look so happy!

 Checking out his little outfit

 Riley is unsure of this new grandma. But he soon warmed up to all the new faces

 Letting my dad have a turn finally

 Feeding time

So hungry

Me holding Riley finally. I'm still not a huge fan of babies, I'd rather watch them than hold them and hand them back asap to the mom when they get fussy. Haha.

We went to eat at KRico Peru for dinner but nobody took any pictures. Sad day. It was super fun to have my parents and Evan finally try the food! We all had a great time and met up again home again later in the evening and watched some Twilight Zones on Netflix before going to bed.


The Rosenau's said...

I love all the pictures! I can't stop laughing at the one of riley giving mom and unsure look....rofl

Stacie said...

Yea - that is like my favorite picture besides the one of mom and dad looking so happy to see Riley. Ahh makes me laugh!ROFL