Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Queen Bee Market @ Snap! Conference

Well , now that Picnik.com is gone, I have no way yet to put my photos in to collages so bear with me. There will be lots of pictures.

There was a conference this year for bloggers at Thanksgiving Point. I wasnt able to go sadly because it was our anniversary weekend BUT I did get to go to the Queen Bee Market on Friday evening with my friend Steph. QBM is where bloggers who make and sell stuff were able to set up shop and sell to the other bloggers and the public (at least on Fri. night).

Here are some pictures I got (taken with my phone, tried to edit them a bit online to be sharper)...

The decorations were so colorful and summery!

 These butterflies were so big and beautiful. & expensive.

Some super cute signage!

 Tiny pinwheels to go on cupcakes (or whatever you want) and I did buy a package. 
Cant wait to use them!

Sweet Old Stuff did custom printing (or had ones already printed) of words or phrases on spoons and forks among other things. Pretty cute

Thought my sister Julianne would like this picture since her nickname is "Jewels". 

 Cute setups and decor from all the sellers!

This shop Galactytes had some of my favorite stuff! I bought an owl magnent from them.

 They had owl stickers and buttons and pins - oh my!

 Someone bumped me as I was taking this picture but there are owls in there and they were soft beanbag ones. I wish I had bought one now.

 Owl banner - love!

 Loved these pillow covers!

 Tons of tiny colored rings!

 Ahhh I loved this skirt, but not the $40 price. It had great detail, color and design. 
Sure looked flattering (at least on the model)

I thought this little green suitcase was the coolest thing! The design, the size, 
I dont know what it was but I wished it was mine!

Waited in line for at least 45 minutes if not about an hour. Sure got tired of standing but had great conversation with Steph and just people watching.
You could pick things out from the tables set up and then you paid for everything at the end of the night.

Got my nephew a super cute little onsie for church and an owl to hang in my office/craft room

I was super impressed by all the talented and crafty bloggers there are out there and it was a fun event to go to. I saw Shelley from House of Smiths and recognized a couple ladies I follow on Twitter but didnt meet anyone face-to-face. Maybe next year!


A said...

Use picasa to make collages. It's awesome and totally easy.

Stacie said...

Picasa - the one you have to download to your computer? I think I have that..somewhere. It just never seems to be on the computer I end up blogging on.

Victoria ObSEUSSed said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you got to come for the market. It was amazing. So much to see. I also use picasa. They have some basic collages you can make but not as creative layouts or rounded corners like picnik. It is free though.