Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anniversary Weekend Getaway!

 Tony and I took a weekend getaway just two and a half hours from where we live - to Idaho - to Lava Hot Springs. Neither of us had been there before but it was a recommendation from a friend of mine and then I found out my sister Julianne has been there before. Who knew!

The scenery was so beautiful. The sky and clouds were neat to look at


 This is a sign I took on the main street of Lava Hot Springs of the place we would be staying that evening. We checked in when we got to the town and the lady in charge gave us a nice tour and since every room is different and has a theme, she was able to show a few of the rooms to us as those people hadnt checked in yet. The Phantom of the Opera room was really really neat! We were staying in The Secret Garden room.

We went to get dinner at A&W, you can read my review on that here

 After dinner we walked around Main Street to see the sights. Lava Hot Springs is really a tiny town, population 523 when I Googled it. Wow. So small. 
I guess the closest town that has good shopping would be Pocatello.

Water running through the town. Lots of little moths or flying things around here.

 Lots of Kony 2012 signs up around town that day. 
I also saw a bunch posted in SLC before we headed out.

 Love love love this painting in a store we stopped in before we went to go play some Bingo.

Another one of my favorite paintings that was hanging in the back. Love the bright colors!

 I took a picture of this because my mom likes this kind of stuff :)

Fred Tries to go On Line ah ha ha this card made Tony & I laugh

Loved these little bird decorations! Too cute.

 Creepy! His eyes...

Tony catching up on some Words with Friends

 So in a small town there is not a whole lot of entertainment I guess, unless you go to the hot springs all the time. They have Bingo a few nights a week and Saturday night was one of those nights. It was funny because when we were getting a tour of Lions Gate Manor, Tony saw one of his coworkers and his wife there getting a tour. Small world! They invited us to go play Bingo with them at 7pm so as the evening progressed we figured, what the heck , we'll go check it out. It turned out to be really fun and I was the first winner of the evening!  The picture above is of the last game and I was ONE number away from winning. Oh man! We sat at a table with a woman and her parents and she was teaching them how to play. Pretty funny. Then there was also Tony's coworker and his wife. The guy drawing the ping pong balls was funny and all in all I'm glad we decided to go!

Headed back to where we were staying that evening and the rest of our weekend will be posted soon!


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Hi. We're so glad you visited Lava Hot Springs and that you discovered the joys of Bingo! Please visit us again and use our website www.seidaho.org to plan some great fun while you're in our neighborhood, like a zipline ride or enjoying a float on the river. We'll be posting a link to your blog on our Facebook page for Southeast Idaho right away and we look forward to having the pleasure of your company again soon!