Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last minute , pretty much the day of the Kings vs. Jazz game, we decided to get tickets to go watch them play. Tony found a deal on KSL and printed out the tickets and when he came home to pick me up, we were on our way. We took his motorcycle to the game because the weather was nice enough. Only down side to taking a motorcycle is that there is no place to charge anything. Luckily my phone didnt get too low until the end of the night. It was scary riding there on the freeway because there were 2 accidents just a minute apart and one happened right in front of us! Luckily we stopped in time but every time I saw brake lights I would tap Tony so he was aware. I'm sure he was. Poor Tony, I'm always a side seat or back seat driver lately I feel like! We finally got there and parked. Then we had to check in and check in the backpack and our helmets. Our seats this time were higher up but I didnt care. Once we found our seats Tony went to get us some free popcorn which was tasty, tasty enough for a basketball game I guess. The Kings and Jazz stayed so close in score pretty much the entire game. I'm glad we didnt have any crazy drunk people around us this time. In the 4th quarter with just a few minutes left, a lot of Jazz fans started leaving and then the Kings ended up winning by ONE POINT! It was so intense, my legs were shaking! So so glad that the Kings could finally win a game, even if it was such a close score. They are def. not close to being one of the best teams in the NBA right now but once a Kings fan, always a Kings fan - even when they dont play well. Here are some pictures from the game:

 The trees were really pretty outside. 

I love going to the Kings games!

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