Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lion House Pantry Restaurant

On our SLC Pass of All Passes, which we are furiously trying to use up before they expire June 1st, we got 1 free meal each at the Lion House Pantry. So one evening after we went to the Red Butte Gardens we decided to check it out and have dinner. 

The food looks good, right?

Tony ordered a pork chop, mashed potatoes, veggies and we got one of their famous rolls.

I picked chicken soup in a bread bowl, salad, jello (my 2 sides) and I got a roll too.

We could not have been more disappointed with our food.

Tony's pork chop was dry and not that tasty.
The mashed potatoes were really salty. I think it was the gravy.
The veggies, some of them were really really mushy.
I tried one bite of each of his items and it did not taste fresh at all.

My food...
Chicken soup in a breadbowl doesnt make for the best turnout because the liquid from the soup soaks into the bread really fast , making it very soggy. The soup had some veggies and chicken and tasted alright. The bread my soup was in was not good. The top tiny piece was so hard I couldnt even squish it and I didnt dare eat it because it was rock hard. The rest of the bread bowl was pretty dried out and I didnt each much except a bit of the soggy bottom. Sad day because the bread bowls at Disneyland and other times I've had them (YSA break-the-fast) the bread has been so good and I've eaten it all up!

 My salad was farely good, no rotten pieces of lettuce but when I ate the cucumber it tasted so bad that I spit it out in my napkin. Tony tried a bite of salad and said it tasted watered down.

My jello was okay minus at least 5 pieces that had gotten hard on the top. Kind of like a top crust. I'm not sure what it is called or how it happens but its disgusting! I ate the bottom part of the jello and left the dry stuff behind.

Now, I've heard great reviews about the Lion House rolls but was greatly disappointed as our rolls were hard on the outside like they had been sitting out all day. Tony had to peel layers off until he got to anything even remotely soft and worth eating.

All in all it was a bad experience, I'm not sure if it was just the day/time we went (dinner time on a Saturday) or what but we dont plan on going back again.
Address: 63 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84150

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