Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Belated NYE

Found this cool survey from another blog so I copied and pasted to answer the questions here. Be sure to check out the blog I got it from!

1.  Do you stay in or go out for New Year's Eve?
I go out! The last 3-1/2 years I've lived in AZ , the YSA get together for lots of parties! Polar Ice is one of my favorites for free ice skating, Krispy Kreme donuts and hot chocolate. Amazing Jakes is a game place I went to one time and last year about midnight one of the church buildings hosted a breakfast for anyone who wanted it. Then I heard about a waffle party at someone elses house so my friends and I headed to that as well. Ahh, lots of party hopping!

2. Comfy clothes or dress it up?

Def wear comfy clothes - esp if Im going ice skating! It would be fun to dress up though. Maybe in the future.

3.  Feeling tipsy or non-alcoholic?

Totally non-alcoholic. I just like to have sparkling cider!

4. Big gathering or just the immediate family?

big gathering if possible

5. Rockin' with Dick Clark...yay or nay?

YES! Something I missed watching this year was all the concerts on TV and the ball dropping. For sure am not going to miss out on it next year!

6. Special treats to eat?

One year Tony came to Arizona and we bought 3 different kinds of popcorn at Costco along with peppermint bark. I'm sure we had other treats too. This year Tony made dip and we brought chips to our friend's house. The dip was so good - just Velveeta cheese and salsa.

7. Do you make resolutions?

Goals, not resolutions. Goals seem a little more attainable to me.  Yes, I make them every year and try to print them out and hang them somewhere to remind me every day of what I want to work on / improve / do / learn

8. What was your favorite thing that you did in 2011?

Ohmygoodness - really cant decide! One of the top things was getting married to my love!

9. What do you wish you'd done more of in 2011?

Taken more pictures and gone on a trip to Portland. There were trips or places to go nearly every month so I hope to fit a Portland trip in this year. It's already getting full of trips already though!  Also wish I had exercised more and gone swimming. I didnt go swimming ONCE in 2011 - terrible!

10. What are your traditions for New Year's Eve day?

In Arizona it was always go to the Fiesta Bowl parade in downtown Phoenix , then try to find places open to go do stuff. I'd usually find a mall or some stores to go shopping at and find great deals. Now that there are no parades on NYE day on the state I live

The End!

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