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2011 Recap

I dont want to brag or anything , I know a lot of people had a pretty cruddy 2011 but for me it was completely fantastic (for the most part). Just wanted to recap the cool things I got to do last year and I hope this year of 2012 treats me just as well. I get nervous that it wont because last year was so awesome. Fingers crossed my fears dont become reality. Let's get started!

 Tony came out to Arizona for New Years and besides going to the Fiesta Bowl Parade in Phoenix, we made it to the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch. We got to feed the animals - including cute birds! and took a ride around in the monster truck, learning about the area from a super knowledgeable guide.

 Got to go to CES - Consumer Electronics Show - in Las Vegas for a day and it was so so much fun! Saw lots of cool things and won some software and got lots of freebies as well!

 Hanging out in Vegas with Emily!

 The weekend I was in Vegas, Tony met me in Kanab area and we hiked the Wave - a hike that is not easy to get tickets to but we got them! It was not too bad of a hike, we got some fantastic pictures and made it back to our car just as the sun was starting to set.


 Wedding is coming up in April so I started collecting things for that!

Valentine's Day weekend - Tony came to Arizona again - we dealt with car problems, went shooting and went to eat kabobs! These are the things I remember. I'm sure we did lots more!

 Went to the Amococo Exhibit at the Mesa Arts Center with my friends Brandon and Danny. It was really cool!

 Ended my 3-1/2 years of having room mates by moving to Utah on the very last day of March. Above is Candace and I hanging out the morning I moved. Got some free food at DQ!

 Tony & I with my moving truck. Tony took time off work to come down and help me finish packing and load up the truck. Special thanks to my friend Candace who helped a bunch as well. Im so not happy to be leaving Arizona for Utah. To a state then when I moved there I had to pull out all my winter clothes again! No bueno!

We did get to stop at the Grand Canyon on our way to Utah though. It was super cold, I had no jacket and everything was closed but it was still neat. Hope to go again someday when the weather is better.

Huge voting contest that went on in February for a makeover and photoshoot from Elle J Photography. I ended up winning - went down to the WIRE! So intense. Huge thanks again to all my friends who voted for me. The results were pretty freekin' fantastic...

SO great huh! Got my first real spray tan, hair done, makeup and a new outfit from So Cute Boutique. 


Besides more last minute frantic planning for our wedding on April 23, Tony was building our bed frame a week exactly before the wedding and ended up cutting his hand pretty bad with the saw he was using. Cut off a finger and damaged a few others on his left hand. He was in the hospital from Saturday to Monday and we left Wednesday to drive to California for the wedding. SO crazy!

 Coming out of the Sacramento temple where we were married

Us with the parents :)

 Honeymoon - this is along Highway 1

Ocean beach behind us!

Visited the Aquarium which maybe I went to when I was younger but I dont remember it!

Eating some Dippin Dots at the boardwalk!

Got to go to Arizona with my sister and a friend and attended my best friend Brennen's wedding. He and Amanda make a really cute couple and their reception was so unique! Loved it and that I was able to be there for it and surprise them!

 On Saturday we all headed down to Rocky Point, Mexico with my friend Chris. It was awesome! Lots of window shopping and hanging out on the beach. Not enough time just spending 1 day there but we made the most of it!

 The next day we headed back to Utah and I think Celeste was riding home with someone else so it was just Laura and I. We stopped at Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ and it was def. worth it!
 So cool!

 My brother Matthew left for his mission to Houston TX South.  We ate at KRico beforehand.

Tony & I did a camping trip and went to Nine Mile Canyon.

 We went to Fantasy Canyon

 We went to Vernal, UT for a weekend and checked out Flaming Gorge and other neat attractions in the area. You will have to check out our travel blog for more details.

 Salt Lake City Summer Crew picked me to be a part of their summer activities and every week we had a different challenge to do and then we had to post it on Facebook,
 our blog, and Twitter.

 This is the only picture I seem to have from the weekend 
we went to Idaho for one of our wedding receptions. My dad and I.

 Another SLC Summer Crew Challenge and my first time at the SLC zoo.

 Me, Celeste and Bonnie helping with Extreme Home Makeover 

Backstreet Boys / NKOTB concert in Phoenix, AZ!

 Tony met me in Arizona and we drove to California that night on Friday. Got to my friend Tim's house about 2am and slept for a few hours before heading to Disneyland!

 It was neat to be in Disneyland for fireworks on the 4th of July weekend!
We also go to see World of Color on the California Adventure side.

Stopped at the St George temple on our way back up to SLC. 
Never been here before so it was pretty neat!

Went to California for a couple weeks and got to go to Girls Camp at Camp Ritchie for the...let's not count how many years I've been going. 

Went to VidCon in Los Angeles. This is my 2nd year going. After being away from Tony almost 2 weeks now I was really really missing him and couldnt wait to get back to Utah! It was still a fun time at VidCon though.

 Went to the Eyes to the Sky hot air balloon festival in Salina, UT on my birthday weekend. This was our second year going and it did not disappoint. Last year at this festival is where we got engaged! We made it earlier this time so we didnt miss the balloon glow. We camped in a very memorable spot - there was a dead cow we passed driving to find a spot. Spooky!

 This is very very bad - I cannot find my blog post about the trip above. I know its the weekend we were in Salina..this is around Escalante. We did some small hikes and checked out areas that Tony had found online to see.

Double rainbow on the way back to SLC


My brother Jeffrey (in the dark gray shirt) returned home from spending 2 years as a missionary for the LDS church in South Africa. It was cool to go to Idaho to hear his homecoming talk and spend the weekend with our families.

 Sandy Hot Air balloon festival. 
So close to where we live!

 Tony eating at Smashburger for the first time!

County Fair in the area, pretty fun!


Remembering Sept 11th in Sandy, UT

 Went to my first RSL soccer game. 
The stadium is like 5 minutes from our house!

 Went to my first Rooftop Concert in Provo, UT

 Participated in the world's largest game of Dodgeball at Thanksgiving Point

 Hiked to Donut Falls with Tony and other people, a hike put on by my friend Jaclyn

 Tony finally finishing cutting the wood for our bed frame! 
He watched while a guy from our ward cut the wood

Won an iPad in April from my orthodontics office in AZ. 
Won another iPad from the SLC Summer Crew end of summer contest. 
Sold the first one I won so that Tony could buy a tablet and I kept the second iPad.
Lucky year!

Drove up to Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon's to take 
pictures of the beautiful changing leaves


 Thanks to my stake in California - they sent us their extra tickets to General Conference. Woohoo!

 Hosted my first Pinterest Halloween party at my house

 Dressed up and no where to go (except a popular haunted house down the street and around the corner from us.) I was a caver and Tony was a ninja.

 Highlight of October was for sure going to Albuquerque New Mexico to the Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was AMAZING!

 I heart AZ

Tony eats hot air balloons

 Went to Idaho for Thanksgiving and did lots of shopping and ate lots of yummy food. Plus did some fun crafts from Pinterest with my sisters! Laura rode with Tony & I but Rocky had to stay in Utah to work at the restaurant. 

Food at Tony's parents house on Saturday. SO GOOD I wish I had a bigger stomach so I could have eaten more!

 Back in Utah...found out about a Tmobile Holiday Party in Sandy and ended up getting our names drawn so we each got a phone! Wow!

 My friend Adrianna came from AZ for her cousin's wedding so we ate at KRico Peru in SLC. She brought Theodore with her who is as cute as ever!

Went to The Forgotten Carols with my friend Lindsay. 

My sister had her baby at 26-1/2 weeks. 
You can read more about little Riley on his blog here

Drove out to Willard Bay with Tony's friend Marc and his wife Jen to see the Christmas lights. We didnt realize it was quite so far (45 min) away but it was cool to drive through all the lights that had been set up in different scenes, esp since I didnt get to go to temple square this year to see the lights there. 

 Thanks to Utah having a dry winter, we were able to drive to California for Christmas 
and stayed at my friend Linda's house. Laura dipped lots of pretzels for us to deliver and Tony & I visited lots of friends , he fixed my back brake and we did lots of last minute Christmas shopping. Hehe.

All my wildest dreams came true on Christmas morning when I went downstairs and the owl pillow pet was underneath the tree. I was SO SO surprised! It was so magical! This is not one you can buy on the website, ebay or Amazon. I thought all hope was lost the night I did not buy it at Walmart when I saw it.

 Christmas morning - the goods!

 My grandparents and I at my aunt and uncle's house in Woodland

Sweet Christmas decoration!

Merry Christmas from us to you!

All in all minus having to move from Arizona - its been a super wonderful year! We stayed fairly healthy (minus Tony cutting off his finger) and we got to do so many fun things and go lots of fun places. Looking forward to new trips and adventures and traditions in 2012!

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