Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hunting for The Perfect Tree

 A friend of mine I met on Twitter through a mutal friend was able to get Tony & I a pass to cut down a Christmas tree at Fish Lake National Forest. After going to an hour of church on the 11th of Dec, we headed out. I thought the trip was going to take 3-1/2 hours so I brought lots of snacks and things to do. It turns out the trip took a little over 2 hours. We were going to go up higher on the mountain but when Tony's truck started sliding on the snow, even with his 4-wheel drive turned on, we decided to just park and walk to find a tree.

  Found one! 
[Im working on editing a cool video I made of how we got the tree]

 It was pretty snowy - my boots got covered! I am wearing a pair of Tony's snowpants because I am not sure what tub mine were in. Thank goodness, they kept me a lot warmer than my regular pants would have.

 Snowy snow and animal tracks!

 Carrying the tree, which we found out later he was allergic to :( He had red bumps all over his arms but they went away after awhile.

 Driving down from where we came - SO MUCH cow poo all over the road. Gross! but funny.

 Our lil tree tied down in the back of Tony's truck!

 I'm glad we didnt get lost or die trying to find and cut down our tree. It was something Tony was really wanting to do. I grew up with an artificial tree and one year when Laura & I had our own apt. in Woodland, we went to the tree lot and picked out a tiny tree. So expensive! The permit to get this tree was $10 but Tony probably spent about $40 in gas. Oh well, like says, "its all about the experience!"

Here it is in all its glory - its not very tall, but thats okay! Got some white lights and teal beads and a week or so later I put silver ribbon on the tree, a red bow on top since we dont have a real topper, and lots of cool ornaments...


Do you get a real tree or an artificial one for Christmas?

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