Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mekong Cafe

There's a tiny little restaurant tucked next to B&D Burgers on State Street just a few minutes from where I live. For awhile we passed by without even noticing it! Once I spied it I looked it up online and it had pretty good reviews so we decided to check it out. Tony was hesitant to go at first because he is not huge into Thai food but we both really liked the food we ordered. We went in the evening during a week night I think and were seated fairly fast as it wasnt busy. There was another family or two in there. 

Mine below, if I had known there was no website to go back to to get the name of it, I would have written it down. The flavor was so so good! Wide noodles, veggies and I got it with beef. Chicken is also an option. I rarely order beef when we eat out as it usually tastes too chewy/stringy but this beef was actually not like that at all. The texture was great and I would order it this way with beef again. There was an even amount of veggies vs. meet vs. noodles. Would love to order this again when we go back!

Doesnt this food make your mouth water?!

Tony got chicken kabobs that came on a bed of lettuce with a sauce and then another little dish of cucumbers in a flavored liquid. 

They dont have a website but are located at 7725 S State St, Midvale, UT 84047

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