Monday, December 5, 2011

Tmobile Holiday Party

Thanks to House of Smiths (I think Shelly hates me now,agh...more on that at the end) , I found out about this event at the Tmobile store at the mall close to where we live, just a few hours before it happened. Tony wasn't going to go with me, but at the last minute decided he would.
Lots of yummy food and drinks for us to enjoy!


 After signing up for a Tmobile plan (since being in contract is a lot cheaper than being out of it like Tony and I have been doing for the past 7 months), we participated in trivia questions with the Tmobile employees. Above is a group (Shelly is with the blonde hair and black and white jacket), answering questions. Every time you got one right, you wrote your name down on 1/2 of an index card and they were going to draw 5 names and those people would win free phones!

 The closer and closer it got to 9pm the more anxious I was to find out if mine or Tony's name would be chosen. There were probably...30-40 people at the event.

 Getting ready to draw the names...

 Tony won a phone! His name got picked 2nd! He could pick the Mytouch LG 4g or the Slide. He picked the Slide. A photographer there got nice individual pictures of those who won the phones but I dont know where those pictures are posted yet!

 In fact, we BOTH picked the Slide because my name got drawn next. WOOHOO we were floating on cloud 9. After winning, the event was over, I met Shelly on the way out and I think she was a bit jealous that Tony & I both had won phones. I was disappointed because I really admire her and all she does with her blog, her family and just her life in general. I would probably feel the same way though towards meeting someone for the first time who had won something I had wanted to win. Darn it! Ultimate fail for the situation but super WIN for Tony & I ...we were so stoked to have gotten our names called and Tony was so happy he had come along with me after all.

 Tony's phone which he ended up selling since he likes his HD2. I still have mine, am debating what to do with it because it doesnt look like I can put MIUI (Android system) on it but it would be really nice to have a backup in case anything happened to my current phone. So for now, I'm hanging on to it. Tony's was all black. Mine has a black front and white back.

Our bag of swag from the evening! A flying noise making monkey - so funny. A really nice water bottle, 5 hour energy drink, a travel size bottle of ibuprofen, hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works + holiday shopping tips. SO SO nice!


The Rosenau's said...

That's cool you know Shelly from House of Smiths..i like that blog! Why would she be jealous of you and tony just because you won the phones and she didn't? Snooze you lose! Is she the one that told you about the event?

Stacie said...

I dont *know* her but I have always wanted to meet her! So it was cool I got to meet her that night but it was a little awkward. Idk why she would be jealous but it came across that way (a little bit) which agh, I hope she doesnt really hate me ! I saw her tweet about the event on Twitter, it took a lot of digging around on the internet to get the details but I finally found them! So..if it hadnt been for her tweet, I never would have known the event was going on :( I srsly need to get in the loop of things like this going on here in UT!

The Gilberts said...

Have you seen the T Mobile commercial about the 4G? It made me laugh because it sounded like they were saying something completely wrong. LOL

Stacie said...

I have not seen it but I sure HEARD about it from friends on Facebook and Twitter. So wrong. They need to fix that for sure! I dont like it one bit.