Monday, December 5, 2011


 Driving downtown SLC past Pioneer Park where the Occupy protestors were camping out. This was in..October probably. Glad they are not there anymore!

 Back from Idaho and Monday-Tuesday I was sick to my stomach and not feeling well. Food poisoning? Tony was super sweet and bought me some oj, ginger ale and an electric blanket! The blanket will come in handy when he works out downstairs and we watch shows on the TV. Im usually cold downstairs but not anymore!

 Adrianna and I met when I was a missionary in the YSA ward in Portland, OR. Last December she and her family moved to Arizona and we had a glorious few months together before I moved to Utah :( She came to Utah for her cousin's wedding this last week and afterwards, later on in the day, she and Theodore met Tony & I at KRico Peru in SLC for dinner. So awesome to see her and catch up a bit. I know we just saw her in October at the Hot Air Balloon festival but I love seeing friends from the past whenever they come to town. Thanks Adrianna and Theodore for meeting up!

 Saturday night - the parking lot right next to us. Such a fire hazard!

 Sunday - our house temp today when we got home from church. Finally turned on the heat for the first time since moving here in April. (not counting the space heater I drag back and forth from our bedroom to the office)
Bought 2 of these heat packs at the Christmas expo I went to on Saturday with Laura. They are interesting little things. Heat is supposed to get up to 127* and last up to 45 minutes. Got them for Tony's jaw which has been hurting. You press the button and the liquid turns to gel and also gets hot/warm. To get them back to liquid form you put them in a rolling boil pot of water on the stove for about 10-12 minutes (for this size). They are pretty cool! Gonna have to test them out some more but hopefully this helps Tony better than the heat from the rice bag - which is good - but doesnt last long.

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