Monday, December 5, 2011

Cedars of Lebanon

Thanks to Groupon for providing us a coupon to eat here!

Dessert first! Chocolate mousse. I'm sorry the pictures are so dark, the lighting in the restaurant was not very bright. The mousse however was delicious!

 Next we got our appetizer - LAHM AJEEN. (ARMENIAN).
                                     Open faced flatbread, topped with ground lamb and
                                         beef , tomatoes, spices, onions, and lemon juice. 

 This soup I cant find on their website but we could pick soup or salad with the kebab and our waitress explained the soup, tomato base with barley. She said if we didnt like it, she would bring us a salad instead. It actually didnt taste too bad so we finished it off.

                                                             LAMB SHISH KEBAB.
                          Tender Lamb marinated with variety of spices and skewered , 
                                                  served with rice and vegetables 

When we walked in, we could have chosen to sit on one of two sides..a side with pillows and was more casual, or the formal side in tables and chairs. We opted to sit in the tables and chairs.  Maybe next time we will try the other side. Since it was the weekend they had a belly dancer performing part of the time we were there. She had some cool sword balancing tricks. When the music was playing, it was kind of loud. It didnt bother me too much but Tony didnt care for it. We really enjoyed our appetizer and the main dish - the lamb shish kebab was so so tasty! The rice was a little dry but eating it mixed with the lamb or veggies made it taste better. The vegetables were squash, a red pepper maybe? I'm not quite sure and it came on a leaf of lettuce. Sharing all these items we were pretty full!

Its kind of an expensive place to eat (you can see prices on their menu online) but if Tony & I share a dish every time we go, drink water, and dont get dessert, its not too bad. Definitely a place I'd love to go to again!


The Gilberts said...

I still want to make a Restaurant called Dessert First! I think it would be awesome. That place looks delish!

Stacie said...

Thanks, it was so good and would be fun to go back. Your restaurant idea sounds fantastic!