Friday, October 14, 2011

Car Show in Taylorsville

 One Monday night we went shooting with Marc , one of Tony's friends, and on our way to where we go shoot, we saw a little car show going on in a parking lot.

Tony and Marc looking for a good spot to set up

So after we got done with shooting, Tony & I stopped by the car show which was luckily still going on. Took a few pictures of some pretty sweet cars!

 I dont know why I like going to things like this so much...maybe it reminds me of going to Hot August Nights down Main Street in Woodland, CA in August with my dad and brothers and sisters. Even though it was hot and sometimes crowded , it was neat to see the old fashioned cars and my dad knew some history behind them which was fun to hear as well. 

Thank goodness car shows like this still exist and whether big or small, I love going to them!

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