Friday, October 14, 2011

October General Conference

 My stake back in CA is so awesome. I email my friend every conference time (April and October) to see if there are extra tickets to attend any sessions of conference. Usually there are no leftovers but this year there were 6 extras! 3 for Saturday afternoon and 3 for Sunday afternoon. SO on Saturday my friend Celeste , my sister Laura & I all went to the conference center. It was pretty fun and fantastic!

 Our seats were in the terrace level on the very left hand side. Saw the Wagnon's, Henneke's, Crandall's and Bro. Wayne Cox! There may have been other people there from my stake but I didnt see any. My friend George Henneke came over and said hi to Laura & I. SO NICE, I just love and miss the people in the Woodland stake so much. It's never been the same since I've moved to AZ and now UT. Anyways, we got to move down to the main floor level because there were extra seats so of course we jumped up to move down there! Better seats and so worth it.

 The afternoon session was fantastic, I'll add in a little about each talk in a blog post in the near future. After we got out of the conference center, we all went to eat at KRico Peru (lomo saltado pictured above! Mmm) and my friend Heather who lives in Reno now (we met in CA) was in town for conference and she met up with us at the restaurant. Laura had some errands to do so the rest of us went shopping - first stop, Plato's Closet where they were doing give-aways, massages, refreshments and discounts on clothes. It's so much fun shopping during the Priesthood session of conference. So many stores having awesome sales!

Celeste and I went to Robert's Craft Store next after a lot of driving around trying to find one that wasnt shut down and closed! The whole store was 1/2 off so of course I went a little crazy in the scrapbook and crafty department. Cant wait to do some projects!

 Sunday afternoon Tony & I went to the conference center and I had given my 3rd ticket to my friend Debbie. She sat in our section but I didnt see her and my friend Annie from AZ was in the conference center too but we werent able to meet up even though we called and texted each other. Bummer! Better luck next time.

 Walking to the conference center. So many people!

 Standing to sing an intermediate hymn with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 
And yes, I did see Alex Boye'!

Cute couple going down the esclator on the way out of the conference center.

Goodbye everyone until April!

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