Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hike to Bell Canyon - Lower Falls

Monday evening was an adventure for sure. The girl who planned the hike ended up having to cancel but Celeste , Tony & I were all set and ready to go so we decided to do the hike anyways, we had directions and figured it would be fine. First, we got a late start because Tony didnt get off work on time. Instead of leaving to get there at 530pm we arrived at the trailhead close to 7pm. The directions were a little off and we could not find the start of the trail at first but some quick searching online helped us find the right place. I only took a few pictures, mostly we were trying to go kind of fast because the sun was starting to go down and I had hiking sticks in my hands so I couldn't always be using my camera. There were some really pretty parts to the hike after we finished 8-9 switchbacks.

 dirt and rocks, Celeste and Tony ahead of me, entering a path covered by trees.

 Celeste - so cute while hiking!

Tony & I..yeah..I was tired and we still had a long ways to go . Def felt like more than 2 miles to the waterfalls. We were probably about 20-30min from the falls when we stopped and decided to turn around and go back. Major disappointing. We did have headlamps but with all the rocks to climb around and on we didnt feel totally safe hiking it in the dark.Not sure how long it took us to get down but not as long as it took us to get to where we hiked! We did find a couple who didnt have flashlights and they had taken a wrong turn so they followed us back to the main road and the hiked to their car and we took the other path to hike to ours. In N Out for dinner afterwards was a relief, it felt good to sit as my feet felt like they were going to fall off! Maybe we will attempt the hike to the falls again a different time.

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