Monday, August 29, 2011

Are You Busy?

No? Yes? Kind of? Not sure? Well, if your answer is any of those I just mentioned, here's something that will only take a minute or two of your time and would help me out a ton. As part of the SLC Summer Crew we have had challenges to do all summer. The last one, since summer is over (tear) is to make a video about one of our favorite things to do or see in SLC and get people to vote on it. Voting ends on Saturday. It looks like you can vote at least once per day.'s what you do:

Click here: 
to vote for my video (you must like the "Visit Salt Lake" page first in order to vote)

Please share this with your family/friends/coworkers/whoever has a Facebook page. Thank you so very very much for your help!


Don't you hate it when... said...

Your blog is very short and to the point I apreciate that.

Stacie said...

thanks! Sometimes I get really wordy but I think most people (family mainly) just come to see the pictures and skim my words. Whatever works. Thanks for stopping by!