Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Bits

 Driving to Wyoming on the 14th to visit my friend Catt who was in town (from Mesa, AZ)  visiting her family because her brother is going on a mission. So we hung out for a couple hours outside eating and talking and meeting some of her family. It was great seeing Catt again , I miss hanging out with her!

 Tony had a Groupon to go eat at Pirate Island in Orem. Sadly the night before we went (Sun) it caught fire (suspected arson) but we decided to go Monday to check it out anyways since we were going down to Provo for a game night with some friends. It was true, closed and will open again but not sure when. Disappointing! Luckily Groupon refunded his $$.

 Utah rarely seems to have good sunsets but the other night I caught this one...

 On the 18th Tony's work had a potluck picnic. So super good! Loved my burger, the corn on the cob and my potato salad and mint brownie. Great company, delish food and perfect weather. It was up in a canyon , maybe in Little Cottonwood Canyon? The road we took was 1 way in 1 way out so luckily we didnt run into anyone heading down!

 After eating and getting ready to head back home. Such a pretty area!

 Some of the same sunset (shown above)

 Saturday the 20th Tony & I went to the Bulward Auction in SLC. Bid on a rug and won it. Yay! Our first time ever to bid and win anything! It goes for a few hours , we only stayed for a couple hours. Sadly we left before they got to the electronics. Oh well, next time!

 Next we checked out the Farmers Market in SLC. This booth is called Jack Mormon Coffee Co. What the what?! never heard of such a thing. Weird. 

These guys and girls were doing fancy moves, not sure what it is called , as they chanted/sung a rhythm/song. It was interesting to watch. I bought 3 cucumbers and Tony bought some honey to make bread with. We bought Apple Beer (so good, unique to Utah I guess?) and got free samples of cheeses and other delicious foods. But mostly cheese. Fun time although it was hot. Would love to go again, I'm so jealous of all the people there selling produce from their garden. I cant wait until I have room for a garden again!

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