Monday, September 13, 2010

Pieces of Portland - Saturday

Saturday I had hoped to see a lot of people but it didnt end up working out like how I had planned in my head. Still, it was a super fun day. Jeremy was able to come along with me everywhere I went so we started at Jamba Juice, then headed to Costco for free samples. Then drove to the Yates to visit them and see their new house!

 I met this family in Clackamas and Bro Yates eventually became the ward mission leader. They'd sometimes sign up to feed us dinner, always so good! I knew them before their cute girls were even born!
Of COURSE I had to eat at Big Town Hero - my favorite sandwich shop in Oregon. Jeremy made his sandwich into a face while I just enjoyed my turkey-cucumber sandwich. Mmmmm

 Gave Jeremy a tour of my first area where I served - Grehsam - and here I am at the apt. complex where I served with Stringham (Townsend), Rasmussen and Offret and Weston. I was here for the big snow and ice storm in 2003 when I first heard of freezing rain.  Ahh fun times.

 Got to show Jeremy the building that was built in Gresham on Stark St. for the Hartley Park ward (and a few other wards) I did an open house here with the other missionaries serving in the area and we even had a few protesters out front. Sadly the Hartley Park ward original no longer exists and they dont meet in this building anymore but it still holds great memories for me!

Me with the Merricks! Thanks Jeremy for the picture. Ahhh this family I knew them when they just had their twins and a new baby girl. Very nice family with big hearts and very school-reading-minded. I think Bro Merrick works for the school district. He is very smart about phones and helped fix mine a bit. Had a very enjoyable visit with them.
Driving to Beaverton area for dinner with Sera Jordan and her friend at Olive Garden. Sadly I got no pictures of that but I did get this one in the Sellwood area. A favorite road of mine in the Milwaukie area. Its just so pretty and cool looking!

Sky cab...we were going to ride in it but ran out of time. Its to take people to work back and forth across the river.


Ended the evening by driving to the edge of downtown Portland and testing out the night shot on my camera. Turned out pretty cool! Wish I had gotten more pix but it was almost 1am and the lights were all turning off at that point.

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The Gilberts said...

Oh I am so jealous that you got to visit your mission! Mine is so far away that I have to fly and that's not a cheap trip. I love the last bit of pitures on the bridge too! So so pretty! :)