Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pieces of Portland - Finishing Up

Sunday I went to the Hartley Park ward and wish I had taken some pictures of the old friends I got to see there. I saw Sis Schmitt , Bro Tobiasson & Sis  Paulsen. Went back to the place I was staying and changed, and headed back across the river to Cedar Mill where I visited the Thelins and the Bigelows. Then I went to Damascus for dinner with the Wilsons!

They are such a fun family. We had our "tradition" spaghetti! Salad, yummy french bread with amazing brownies, ice cream with chocolate fudge syrup , whipped cream and sprinkles for dessert. I also got to watch Sons Of Provo with them, a movie I havent seen in a lonng time. Bounced some wedding ideas off Sis Wilson, talked to the boys and had a really great time.

Stopped by to see the Stinsons on my way home but since they were in their PJs we did not take a picture. Better luck next time. 

Jeremy had invited our friend Emily over for a date and on her way home she knocked on my door and we got to chat for a few minutes. Love her! Great memories of her from the Aldercreek YSA ward. Sadly our plans of getting an apartment together after I completed the mission never happened but she is so nice & a genuinely fun person to be around.

Friends kept telling me I HAD to go get doughnuts at Voodoo Donuts while I was in Portland so Monday morning Jeremy & I did just that! This building actually used to be a car shop that Jeremy used to work at. So crazy!

The selection of donuts were pretty crazy too...cake, fritters, bars, vegan, filled, you name it, they had it

This fat bird collected tips

Most of the donuts were spinning in a case and you could just point to the one you wanted. So many decisions!

Me with my Voodoo Donuts

 Click the pic above to enlarge it but I was soo excited for lunch to eat with the  Angle's/ Shaw's at Applebee's. Missy & Nathan came which was a surprise to me because I didnt know they were in town. Missy & her mom were in the Clackamas ward and Missy & Nathan got married after I went home so meeting him for the first time was really cool. He is soo nice and I love his smile. He is really down to earth and so loving towards Missy & respectful to her mom. We had a great time eating and catching up.

  After lunch I drove to Carlton to visit Tara who I also knew from the Aldercreek YSA ward but then she went to the Oregon City YSA ward. We got a picture together but its on her camera! Will post it soon.

Visited the Cymbala's who I havent seen I dont think, since I left the mission. Jacob was at work but Jeremy was there! He's grown up a lot! and I got to meet baby Jaxon! We had a great visit and it was really fun catching up face-to-face. A lot has changed in our lives since we last saw each other.

Headed over to the Egan's for a visit and they fed me dinner which was a nice surprise! Some super yummy salad consisting of spaghetti noodles, cucumbers & tomatoes with a sauce. Served cold, it was a great summer salad! They let me pick out a  beautiful set of pottery dishes that Pres Egan made HIMSELF! as a wedding present to Tony & I. I sent Tony a picture  [above] and we both picked the blue one. Love visiting them, they are such great people, I can never say enough nice things about this family!  Wish I had gotten a picture w/them time!

Headed back to Clackamas and visited Sis Tucker which was fun! wished I had time to go to Vancouver and see Brandy and try to see Rachelle again but I didnt get back to my place til about 1030pm. Autumn and CJ came to by to visit for a bit so we hung out and chatted and took some fun pictures! Another super nice and really fun family.  

Returned the rental car. Got pulled over by a cop for no real reason. Went to bed at almost 2am. Got up at 6am to catch my flight and almost missed it but barely made it on in time. Portland was sad to see me leave I think. It rained Tues morning...the ONLY time it rained the whole time I was there! Aww....

Back in Phoenix at the cruiser taxi cabs. haha! Rene picked me up [[BIG THANKS]] and dropped me off at home and I was in to work an hour or so later.

I heart Portland & everyone I was able to see and everyone that I didnt get to see on this trip but will see next time. Next year! Plan on it!


The Gilberts said...

It looks like you had so much fun. I am still way jealous that you get to visit you mish. Mine is so hard to get to. Have to go clear accross the US. :) Love it!!

Michael Beckstead said...

Man, what fun times in Portland!