Friday, September 10, 2010

Pieces of Portland - Friday

Friday I should have been out seeing more people, and looking back I feel like kind of a slacker. I showered, hung around Jeremy's house for a bit catching up on emails , facebook and twitter. I figured it might be hard to see people on Friday because of work and going out of town for the holiday weekend.

Ate at Noodles & Co with my friend Crystal and got to meet her fiance Josh who was really nice.  Also a surprise to me was that Crystal's mom Kim showed up! I haven't seen her in forever long! It was a nice reunion and the restaurant let me use my birthday coupon for a free meal even though it was expired. Sadly there are no locations for them in Arizona.We got this picture together (above) and my camera, well I don't know what happened, but Kim has more of the all of us on her camera so I am waiting to get those to put on here.

Next, after getting lost numerous times and finally ended up taking surface streets, I found the Portland temple and spent some time just walking around, reminiscing and taking some pictures which I thought turned out really well. I like the pictures where the sky got included because it looked neat that day!

Next I hurried over to West Linn for dinner which was luckily only about 15 min away. The Starr's, who were a senior couple in the mission when I served, had invited me over for dinner along with a girl from their ward and also the elders. They had made such yummy food, chicken, potato salad, carrots, and cornbread with vanilla ice cream and blackberries from their backyard. I got myself into a food coma!

We went to tour the new church building that was recently built. Their first Sunday in it is on the 12th. We walked all around the outside trying the doors but they were locked. However, the very last door we found was UNLOCKED! So we went in and gave ourselves a person tour.

 The stairs in the second picture [click to enlarge]  lead up (of course) to a storage type room and all the air ducts, etc. I have never seen this before so it was kind of neat to find!

Here I am with the Starr's before heading out. I love them so much and have lots of good memories of them. How I wish I could rewind time some days but I'm so glad we are friends still and get the opportunity to meet up once in awhile!
Headed over to Hillsboro to visit Adrianna, Josh & Charlene. Charlene was sick though so I didn't stay too long but it was nice to visit them! I'm especially excited because they are moving to Arizona soon, to Chandler. They are such a fun family & I am excited to enjoy them here before I have to move to Utah in the spring. 

 So Jeremy has this manikin (I called it a she-akin) in his house for a project. He wants to paint her.But for now she hangs out by his work desk. My friend Rachel (black) and Libby (blue) we picked them up on Friday evening and got ice cream with toppings from Safeway and hung out at Jeremy's playing Skip-Bo and watching YouTube vids til 1am or so. Yawn. A great end to a relaxing Friday!

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Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

What a beautiful temple! I love the pictures you took of it and its pretty grounds. I'd love to see it in person someday!