Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thanksgiving

One of the best parts about going home for Thanksgiving was getting to meet my first ever niece Hailey! She was born in June and it was the first time I have gotten to see her face to face and hold her since she was born. She is so cute and had tons of great expressions!

I flew in to the Boise airport about 11:45pm on Wed night. Tony picked me up at the airport, we got some Taco Bell because I was starving and there wasn't much left open at that time of night and we hung out & talked until 1:30 or so , then he dropped me off at my parents house.

Woke up to this on Thanksgiving morning:

nicely set table

my dad made fudge and someone else made chex mix & sugary chex mix for snacking!

peeking at the turkey

My dad and Evan working on the turkey

pickles and cranberry sauce - 2 of my faves!

SO ready to eat!

I almost forgot to add these pictures I took with Tony's family in the morning!

Tony and his brothers and of his brothers was making a really funny face!

The background was really cool here. These pix were taken at a train station in Nampa

I heart my siblings but was sad that Jeffrey & James couldn't come this year. Jeffrey is on his mission in South Africa and James & his wife Tara stayed in Arkansas.

I have soo many things to be grateful for. Especially this year of 2009. Here are some:

- my job and the flexibility it allows so I can travel & do things to keep life fun

- my friends in Cali, Oregon, Arizona & Utah who I got to visit once or twice this year!

- my car for running and not getting into any accidents & for Brennen who helped me maintain my car including putting on brake pads for me at 11pm at night!

- my health - I haven't been majorly sick (minus the beginning of the year) for a long time and I have my fingers crossed, airborne taken, & hand sanitizer to thank for that!

- I'm grateful for challenges and opportunities that help me to learn things about myself and to grow in ways I never could imagine. Its not always easy but I think these things help me become a better person.

- living quarters ...I am so glad to be able to live in a nice place and in a decent neighborhood and afford to travel & do things thanks to cheap rent

- church...I'm grateful I was finally released from the nursery calling ;-) and for the awesome family ward I go to + wonderful visiting teachers who come see me every month as well as diligent home teachers checking up on me to make sure I'm ok

- Arizona family...sooo grateful for the weekly meals they feed me and the chances I have had to go to Joey's soccer games & practices as well as going to the salsa festival with them, swimming at their house, concerts, and soon a Kings game on Saturday! They are a wonderful family & I'm so lucky to see them a lot since they've moved out here

- money...cant live without it....and i'm grateful for my job and the items i've been able to sell on eBay and craigslist so that I can fund my traveling, hobbies and necessities like food & gas!

- health insurance grateful that someone came & knocked on the door here at work offering some great insurance that I can afford..I pay 1/2 and the state pays the other half. Nice!

- my birds and a friend (Brennen) who hearts cockatiels too so we can talk about birds & our birds can have play dates. Sad to have 3 parakeets pass away this year but grateful to have 1 left and 3 fun cockatiels!

- food...I'm grateful for free food coupons I've scored this year, free meals at institute & with friends on random occasions, my crock pot and Fry's & Fresh & Easy which have super cheap deals!

- Girls Camp - I'm soo grateful I've gotten to go for so many years and work with the girls and adult staff up there in Pioneer CA. Love love love being on rappelling staff and I am so incredibly grateful for a boss that lets me go to CA for two weeks in the summer to go to camp & see my California peeps

family - my family in brothers, my sister Laura who ended her mission for the LDS church in June and it was so fun to be in CA with her in the summer for a couple weeks + when she came out to Az to visit me in August. My parents for all they do for me & the support and advice they give me. Grateful that my siblings try to CTR and do whats right (same diff..i know)

- grateful for a cell phone so that I can call and keep in touch with friends who live close & far

- for Tony & what a great boyfriend he has been this year and is always willing to meet up & travel to see me whether it be in Vegas, Arizona, Portland or when I come to Utah , he takes time out of work & his regular schedule to spend time with me and drive me around

I know theres soo much more but I'll stop here.


Laura said...

hey, I made the fudge!!! (although its dad's recipe haha).
i look soo tired in our black friday shopping pics. i dont think i had quite recovered for evan throwing that pillow at me!

Michael Beckstead said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like it was a good one for you and your family!

Ashley Gilbert said...

Very cool, I loved reading your updated post. I really like the pics with Tony's Fam. Very cool background!

Aimee said...

you a look a little awkward in tonys fam pic :)

Stacie said...

its bc it was really really cold and they made us take off our jackets. as for the lap sitting one, that green tree thing was in my face and i was shivering really hard..maybe that is why ;)