Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Botanical Garden Lights in Boise

Saturday morning in Meridian, Idaho was sad. I had to say goodbye to my niece Hailey because Julianne and Shawn were driving back up to Rexburg and she had to go with them. She wanted to ride in my suitcase back to Arizona but there were complications last minute so it just didnt work out. Hopefully next time I see her she will smile a little more!

Later in the day after Tony came for dinner - lasagna - Mmmm and hung out at my house for a bit, we went on a date to the Botanical Gardens in Boise to see the Christmas lights. It was really cool and oh so cold!

They gave us free hot chocolate and cookies. Tony forgot his coat so my dad gave him a blanket to keep warm.

Even though the night ended with finding this:

We were able to get it fixed without too much trouble. Thank you to the person who left a note on our windshield to let us know the tire was flat before we tried to drive away on it! I'm lucky I have a man who knows how to change a flat tire and I didn't have to call roadside assistance from AAA.


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Forgot his coat? What? DOesn't he live there and know it's winter? Silly boy!

Stacie said...

haha yeah i know!! he just left the house and didnt think I guess. Lol

Michael Beckstead said...

That's pretty cool how you formatted the pictures!