Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black Friday Shopping Fun!

Black Friday shopping this year was very different than other years I've been to Idaho for Thanksgiving. Last year for example, we spent awhile scraping ice of Jeffrey's car just so we could see enough to drive out of the neighborhood and head to where we wanted to go. THIS year however, it was clear, very little frost, and the sky was really pretty...

Some "pre" shopping pix in the parking lot of our first area...Walmart

It was me, Laura, Matthew & Evan who braved the low but clear temps to head out on the town (Nampa , Meridian & Boise) to get our shop on!

Here we are in Target playing with a fire-pumper thing

After the first two stores, we ended up at Kohl's and Plato's Closet. I saved $116 at Kohls and got some super super great deals on presents & items for myself. Plato's Closet had a percent off depending on how much you spent so I got a few things there too.

Spent the afternoon with Tony , just hanging out in Idaho with him. Stopped at the house he was helping his sister house sit for, then headed to the Kartchner Mall (worse than the Woodland mall I think!) in Nampa. Found a couple good deals at a bookstore going out of business and Bath & Body Works. Went to Big 5 and Ross , then home for dinner, which was:

Made by my dad. And oooh so delicious.

After dinner I hung out with the family for a bit and then Laura dropped me off at Tony's around 9pm to watch some of the football game which I was not interested in that much bc I dont like football but we & his parents played Rumikub which is a fun game I have not played in awhile. I won once and so did his mom. All in all it was a very fun Black Friday shopping day!

[[note: I did do some shopping online on Thursday, avon, kirby heyborne and aeropostale all got some of my $$! ]]


Michael Beckstead said...

Looks like you scored with a lot of deals for Black Friday!

Ashley Gilbert said...

Cool sounds like Black Friday was a hit for you. I think Aaron and I were at the Roseville Galleria last Friday and it was PACKED!