Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Country Concert @ Cricket Pavilion

Met up with Paul, Rene & Joey after I got off work last Friday and we headed first to eat at Jason's Deli. Free ice cream with our food, cant beat that!

Got to the Cricket Pavilion in Phoenix around 7:30 and the first main act was Trace Adkins

I knew some of his songs so that was pretty to get to see him because I never have before.

Then after a long intermission and people chanting "Toby Keith Toby Keith" the main man finally came out!


We had lawn seat tickets (cheaper) and sat in the family section so that was pretty much away from all the smoking and drinking going on around us which was very nice.

The finale was one of my favorite parts (no not bc it meant the concert was over) but they did a salute to all the soldiers and tons of confetti came down and so many red white and blue lights and Trace & Toby came out and sang together for the encore. It was pretty amazing.

It would have been amazing to see some college hunks hauling junk on our way out but much to my dismay, there were none to be seen. Better luck next time!


Michael Beckstead said...

Fun times!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I love Jason's Deli! Club Royale!

Ashley Gilbert said...

I went to a TOBY KEITH concert once and it was so rad. We had like 6 or 5 rows back!! I still have pictures of it. :)

big_smartmouth said...

country music? yuck! but, i'm glad you had fun! btw that truck is pretty funny!