Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Comic-Con & the Beach!

(Convention center in San Diego)

I needed to get to the beach. Didn't get to go when I was in Woodland. So strange how I think 2 hrs is too long to get to the beach when I am there, yet I don't bat an eye to drive 5 hours to the beaches in San Diego. I went the same weekend as last year so I figured the weather would be great. It was...but on Saturday it was very muggy and gross. Luckily that day I got to be inside the convention center in downtown San Diego - at ComicCon!! It was quite the experience as last year was my first time ever hearing about it. Here are some pictures from the few hours I got to spend there:

My favorite picture of the pretty much only famous person easily recognizable that I saw that weekend. The screenwriter from Ironman. I loved the display that was set up for this!

Original from Batman movie

Left picture shows a bunch of people dressed up as their favorite super hero or comic book character. On the right, my friend David, yikes! the joker from the movie The Dark Knight found him and posed for this cool pic

So scary!

I get their emails and always always wanted to try some of their frozen yogurt and finally ! Walking millions of blocks back to Chris' car, it was so so hot and I saw Pinkberry and insisted we had to stop. I tried the coconut flavor and it was very very good!

This hotel is in a lot of famous movies

After getting some food at Subway we went to Sunset Cliffs beach. It was really pretty! One side of the pier had rocks and no sand, the other side of the pier had nice sand and lots of people!

Stayed with my friend Adam and a few of his friends at a family's house that I actually stayed at last year. They are LDS and really nice, especially to let so many people come crash in their living room! Saturday evening Chris & I hung out in Old Town San Diego for a bit and ate at a pretty good mexican restaurant.

Went to the Santee 4th Branch (YSA) on Sunday morning and then headed to Oceanside for a little more beach time before heading back to Mesa.

This is one of my favorite beaches!

A nice group of friends offered to take our picture together. LOL

Cool car cruising below us and stopping for pictures

So weird that suddenly a ton of people showed up. We figured out it was a church group and they were doing baptisms in the ocean! Interesting. I've never seen such a thing.

I love love love the beach. Feeling the ocean waves and the sand and the smells

One of my favorite favorite pictures from the trip that I took

Couldn't resist taking a pic....

this car was so funny in front of us and kept us entertained while we were stuck in stupid stupid traffic heading back to AZ.
It said : manual locks, radio, loose change under seats, floor mats...lol! all for $17,800

My cell phone got so weird and went from AT&T to TelCell (Mexico) and to T-Mobile back to AT&T! LOL

Because we got stuck in silly traffic for no reason (not even an accident!) instead of getting back to Mesa around 11:30 we got home around 1am. O well. The trip was still WELL worth it! Thanks to my friend Chris for letting us take his car and do all the driving


Ashley Gilbert said...

Comic looks too fun! Aaron like I said would be insanely jealous because he LOVES comic books and all the movies that have come out the past few years. :)

Mike Walker said...

Comic-Con? That is so cool. I'm jealous.

Michael Beckstead said...

I probably write this on every post of yours BUT that just means it's true... you do the coolest stuff and go on the best trips! That is awesome!

big_smartmouth said...

i am not into comics or sci-fi stuff, but comic con looks so fun to me!! that is so cool that you were able to go. btw, how many miles does your poor car have on it?? =)

Stacie said...

my poor car has 162,000 almost 163! but this San Diego trip my friend Chris drove

Chelsea Robson said...

I LOVE Comic Con!