Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hey Shorty, It's your Birthday

I had to wait to get some pics and belated gifts before I could write this post.

I was at girls camp @ Camp Ritchie AGAIN for my birthday so there, the whole camp sang to me in the morning and I got to see them all do the chicken dance for me. Lol. That was funny to see. In the evening they sang to me again...

(Steve Millett - head cook - leading everyone in singing to me at dinner)

The cooks gave me a cake! Thanx to Mari Anguay for the pictures...

Don't worry, I shared cake with many people! And it was Friday night so that meant the bishopric members were there and we all had to sit according to wards...

Linda, Laura , Me & Mari! enjoying pizza and soda for well as my cake

Also for my birthday I got...

- gift card from my parents to Target!

- cards from my relatives

- sweet bird necklace, cherry jam, B&BW lotion and a cherry chocolate bar from Kokob

- Paul & Rene & Joey got me an Ocean Blue shirt & gift card!!!! One of my favorite places to eat in Arizona. It is frozen yogurt and there are all kinds of toppings you can put on from fresh fruit to candy to crushed candy bars and cereal. If you come to visit, I will take you there!

Tony got me an iPod Touch! (well I paid half but it was still a great deal for me!) It is so so cool and I am finding cool apps for it (free ones!) and I figured out how to put my music on without deleting all the music that came on it from the previous owner. It has external speakers because it is a 2nd gen (8 gig) and I am really liking that feature too. If only I could get my bluetooth on it to work! I'd love to sync it with my phone and send my phone pics to the ipod for quick uploading to the internet.

My friends Hillary & Ben got me a gift card to eat and you can go to 4 different places! Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze and Seasons 32. I have never heard of the last 2 so if they are in Arizona I will have to check them out maybe! I'm so excited to use this card!

Blake & Bonnie got me snacks and a cool mini slinky and everyone signed a sweet card for me, "Happy Bird-Day" Hooray that everyone knows I'm a crazy bird lover! lol

Got together with a bunch of friends to eat on a Wednesday night at Rumbi Island Grill, that was great! The food there was so good and my "half size" (below) was SO MUCH I took the rest home for lunch and dinner the next day.

Jeremy , my good friend in Oregon, airbrushed my motorcycle helmet for me! He did an amazing job. I'm really happy with how it turned out. So, if anyone needs anything airbrushed or a bumper painted in the Portland area, Jeremy is your man!

All in all it was a great 27th birthday. Stinks to be that age-number but what can you do except score some awesome gifts! Thanks family & friends!


Ashley Gilbert said...

We knew you would follow us IPod peeps...HAPPY BIRTHDAY btw! So cool! Another year gone by and I still keep in touch with you! :) Wish I could have been there! Love ASh

Michael Beckstead said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was an awesome time!

big_smartmouth said...

happy (belated) birthday!! btw, we are sooo going to that ocean blue place if i ever make it down to az. it sounds awesome!!