Monday, August 24, 2009

Traveling Chick in Utah

Got to Salt Lake on Thursday night around 10pm. Tony took me to Sonic and then we went to hang at his house for a bit. Friday morning he had to go in to a meeting and so I worked from the laptop for a few hours which was really nice. He came back around 1pm and we got to take off and do some fun things! Like...

Going to this cool Bulward Auction in SLC on Friday and walked around to see everything and what we might like to bid on. The mountain board ended up going for $60 and the ASL rug and picture were gone before we got there but its all good. We bid on a couple things like a knife block and a twin bed air mattress with pump but didnt get them. Frustrating but fun at the same time. At least I didnt have my heart set on anything, right?

Then we went shooting out at a place Tony found and it was perfect. I learned how to load a revolver (so easy) and got to shoot the 9mm (some kick to that!) so we shot about 100 rounds of our ammo we bought from a guy on the KSL website. I got 550 rounds for the .22 for only $20. Pretty sweet deal. Ammo for the 9mm is more expensive.

Getting our game on

So hot outside & I'm so hot with this 9mm. Jk jk

Went to eat at one of our FAVORITE places - TEXAS ROADHOUSE! I had never eaten here until I started dating Tony & we went to one in Fremont, CA. The food here is sooo super good. My mouth waters

Later that evening as we were trying to recover from the delicious food...

HOMEMADE POPCORN! Got so excited to make popcorn and bring it to the drive in on Friday night but we got there to see one movie and it was $14 for the both of us! True, it was cheaper than a normal movie but honestly! We ended up going back to Tony's and watching a movie and eating the popcorn. Not as much fun as a drive-in but it worked :)

Driving to Provo Saturday afternoon ...Pandy came along for the ride & Tony got us Icee's at the gas station because it was a very hot day

A short time later Tony's car overheated and smoke was pouring out from under his hood so we quickly pulled over and we found ourselves near an exit sign to Lindon. After spending what felt like forever! in the 100* heat while Tony was on the phone trying to get a tow truck, a highway patrol officer showed up and told us he'd push our car off the freeway to the exit and to a gas station. So so nice of him!

Waited for awhile for the car to cool down and checked out a nearby car lot at new and used cars but didnt find too much. Tried to get a ride to the train or back to SLC but that wasnt working out so finally I just said , "Lets try starting your car and see how far we get" so we did and it made it to an Auto Zone. Perfect! Tony bought a bunch of fluid for the car and we walked to Wendy's to get some food and then my friend Nicole got off work and picked me up and Tony followed us in his car.

(pretty sunset on Saturday night)

We visited with Nicole & her husband Ben and then we went to Sub Zero ice cream (one of my favorite places in Provo!) and met up with my good friend Melissa who is going to the Paul Mitchell school there. She is from Arizona and I havent seen her for a few months since she left so it was SUCH a good time to see her! I was still majorly bummed that none of our other Provo plans happened but there is next time, right?

Sunday was no church because it was the Oquirrh Mountain temple dedication so we went to visit one of my friends who had a baby in June (pics coming soon) and did other things to fill up the day before my flight left.

Visited my friend Erin & her husband and baby Faith for the first time since she had been born.

We were going to ride Tony's Honda Rebel "StayC" but he couldnt find the key. I was pretty bummed because I wanted to try out the new helmet my friend Jeremy from Oregon airbrushed for me for my birthday! Better luck when I come back in October...

Dinner on Sunday night -we made stir-fry... one of my favorites and Tony is good at making it (even though I did help)..its not hard...but it always tastes better when he cooks!

Here are a couple more shooting pix:

Went out shooting one more time before I left & shot about 100 rounds again. Was able to get the guns to Arizona with me! Southwest was really nice about it all. So I am excited to go shooting with friends & family here in Arizona and become better with my aim and learning about guns in general. Woohoo , watch out Arizona!


Michael Beckstead said...

Wow! Fun trip - next time you are in SLC you need to stop on by and see us!

Teacum said...

oh it was such a good weekend!!!

Ashley Gilbert said...

Sweet weekend!! I have been shooting and it is a blast!

adamandrebeccacoughran said...

you travel around a lot! it looks like you had a lot of fun.. besides the car thing!

big_smartmouth said...

okay, that post was a mouthful!! well, i read it, so i guess it was an eyeful?? anyway, you get the point. man! i'd be so exhausted after that weekend! but, i'd be pumped from all the excitement, too. glad everything turned out and that you made it home safe. can't wait to see what other adventure falls into stacies lap!