Monday, October 6, 2008

Utah Trip #2

After dealing with stupid people at Walmart concerning the tires on my car for two mechanic had told me the tires were seperating from the tread, but at Walmart they said, oh no, you have old shocks/springs/struts. I took my car to Utah anyways. It drove okay. Instead of leaving at 5pm like I wanted, I didnt get out of town with David & Bonnie until 730. We drove alllll night - thanks to David for doing most of the driving! and we got to Salt Lake about 7am or so. I went to Tony's apartment after dropping David off at Trax and hung out til he had to go to work. Then his roomies, Marc and Mike and Mike's friend Jill invited me to play catch with them. I really didnt want to but they convinced me to go and it wasnt so bad after all. I actually caught a ball in my glove! AND learned how to make the ball go farther when I throw it. Yep yep

After playing ball for awhile I went to The London Market in SLC and got a bunch of cool candy and 2 Iron Bru's (drinks) and drove to West Valley, about 15 min or so away, to pick up my sister and her companion and take them to the Down East Basics Outlet Store. They wanted me to buy them some clothes instead of lunch! Haha. They had shirts 2 for $5 so it was a really good deal and altogether I only spent $20!! I remembered to give Laura my last Go-Girl (energy drink that she loves) and an Iron Bru.

Then I took them to Walmart & bought them a few snacks to eat during conference on Saturday & Sunday. Dropped them back off at the house they live at and headed back to Salt Lake because Tony was done with work and school. In the afternoon we took my car to another mechanic who said my tires just needed to be rotated. Phew. Bc the quotes I had gotten from the few places I had called in the morning ranged from $315-$1000 for new shocks, etc. So for $20 I got my tires rotated. Much better dealio.

Tony made us chicken & rice for dinner. Roasted chickens at Walmart are only $5!! Compared to $6-7 here in Arizona & California. We watched a movie and then drove to Orem for my reunion but first we stopped to see my friend Jake Soha who works Loss Prevention at the Macy's in the mall there. Yeah! It was SO cool to see him & meet his fiance' Darcie and her mom too. Jake & Darcie are getting married the end of December in the Bountiful temple I believe. PS - I gave him my only other Iron Bru. Those things are a little over $2/each! Agh :-/ But it made Jake's night to get it - he was sooo excited. Lol!

Next stop was my mission reunion in Orem, Utah. There was about 20 or so missionaries there who served under President Weston. The rest of the crowd was all people who served under Gessel. I saw a few cool people who I havent talked to lately so it was fun to see everyone & catch up!

Cool view of the SLC Temple at Night

Saturday morning I watched conference with Tony @ Alice Cluff's house in Murray. We went to Subway to get sandwiches for lunch and also for Laura & her companion. Met up with them eventually on temple square and Laura's zone leader was so awesome to give me two tickets for the afternoon session! So I called Tony who was parking my car and riding Trax back to Temple Square and told him to hurry hurry because we were getting in!

Afterwards we were walking over to the Tabernacle to meet up with Dil & Elisa who I know from living in Arizona (middle picture) and I saw Jill Anderson from my stake back home! (pic on right) and also saw Jessie Fan Chiu from the Davis , CA singles ward who is currently serving her mission on temple square! It was so fun to see old friends!

Got to ride TRAX after the afternoon session on Saturday to get to my car! Its free for people traveling downtown. Yay!

Saturday night after the priesthood session I met up with my friend Jared Harding who I served around in my first area on the mission and we ate at Leatherby's. I havent eaten here since I lived in California! Tony & I walked there from his apt. Jared & his 'friend' Elise met up with us at almost 10pm. We all ordered food and told mission stories & I liked meeting Elise. She was a really nice girl. I hope things go well for her & Jared.

After eating, I'd promised my friend Erin who is someone I worked with on the mission who now lives in West Valley, that I would come see her. Tony & I decided to take his motorcycle even though the sky was overcast. We got to Erin's apt about 11pm and didnt leave til almost 1am! It was good to see Erin & visit her but when we got outside, it had been raining and it was starting to drizzle again. So we rode in the cold back to Tony's apt , about 20 min away by bike on surface streets. Then we took these pics showing how wet we got from the rain. But I geuss it serves us right!

I had 4 tickets for Sunday morning session in the tabernacle. So I have 1 each to my long time friends Jessica Tonnies and Alice Cluff, both who were in the Woodland Stake with me back home in CA. (Prev. called the Davis CA Stake) Tony & I used the other 2 tix and for some reason I always forget about Music & The Spoken Word on Sunday morning so we got in line at 9:32am. We were supposed to be seated by 9am! OOPS. I wondered why they said it was the only door into the conference center that was open. So we were in a stand-by type of line even though we had tickets and they started turning people away. But we stayed in line and then we were told "if you have someone saving a seat for you, we will escort you in to that seat". So frantically I texted Alice and she said there were two empty seats behind her so we told the people we had seats being saved for us - ha ha ...err sorta! - and made our way up with out escort to the middle level of seating and wah lah, there were 2 seats with nobody sitting in them yet. PHEW! We were able to hear about the last ten minutes of the choir time I'll remember that we need to be in line extra early on Sunday morning!

After the session got out, Tony & I walked to get my bag of stuff that I had checked in and then walked to the reflection pool where I found Julianne and Shawn and Allison. Then Hermana Skinner (Laura) came and we took some pics together. My friends Dil Brinton and Elisa Leppanen met up with us too and Dil got to meet all my sisters. I think that was a goal of his, coming to Utah for conference. So I hope he's happy! Lol We didnt spend too long mingling as everyone had places to get to. Tony & I went back to his apartment where he had made homemade bread and we sliced it and made pizzas. I put sauce, cheese and pineapple on mine. Then we baked it in the oven til the cheese melted. YUM oh so good.

Then we listened to the afternoon session of conference, I packed up my car to head back to Arizona, we finished off the chicken & rice and I said goodbye to Tony..sigh...and headed over to David's aunts to pick him up. Then we picked up Bonnie in Springville. THEN! we drove allll night back to Az after stopping for some delish food at Bonnie's mom's house in Nephi. I arrived home at 630 in the morning. Yawn. What a long stupid drive but worth it to attend conference, see friends & Tony too!


someguy said...

Hey Skinner-

thx for posting pics from the reunion. We were there in spirit =)


Jeremy and Jill

Gates & Tausha said...

FUN TIMES!!!! i so sod (sad) about missin the REUNIE!!! fun!!! great pics and your sistahs are so cute!!!!

~Stappsters~ said...

Love your blog Stacie, especially all the woodlandites!