Wednesday, October 8, 2008

3 Current Obsessions

Hot air balloons. They are just so amazing to me. I am not sure why. Hopefully someday soon I can get to go to a balloon launch somewhere here in Arizona. I think that'd be sooo cool. I dont know if I ever want to ride in one...a little basket so high in the sky but for now I'm content with watching them from the ground. I remember growing up they'd fly over our house sometimes and occasionally be low enough that we could see the people riding in the sky & wave to them!

Bald is hot. If you are a guy. If you have the right shaped head. I dont know why I think bald is hot but I have thought that for a long time. It drives me crazy. Haha.

These windmills can be found in California & I'm not sure where else but I love love love to see them and maybe one day I will stand by one instead of driving by them always but I think they are amazing to watch!

What are YOUR three current obsessions?


Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

Haha! That was an awesome post!

Gates & Tausha said...

oooh i LOVE this idea for a post---so where's your bald headed knight in shining armor stacie?! ahhaha....and HOT AIR BALLOONS---my prom date took me up in one---WAY cool---do it. :) and windmills---always awe-inspiring! i'd say mine are FREECELL, CANNING, and OATMEAL CREAM PIES

big_smartmouth said...

i have a thing for bald guys. better yet, baldING guys. i love a man who is bald on top with hair on the sides and that little tuft of hair on the top. the key of making it look good is having it so short, it almost looks buzzed. don't know what i mean? think of ed harris. yummy!