Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Utah Trip Numero Uno

Thursday evening Dil Brinton dropped me off at AZ Mills Mall to meet up with Daniel Barnett & Johnny & Brittany Icely so we could drive to Utah for Brian Ashdown's and Susan Atwater's wedding reception. Johnny drove allll night and we got in about 6am Utah time. Iwas so cold because they had the AC on for awhile and I had on shorts and a tshirt. Brittany & I mostly slept in the back of the car and Daniel & Johnny kept each other awake.

Tony came and picked me up at Brian's house Friday morning & I got to see him for a bit before the wedding started. He dropped me off a bit before 10am at the SLC temple. There were so many weddings going on but turns out there were only around 30 happening that day & on a busy day there are over 100 weddings going on!

The ceremony was really good, one of my favorites out of all the temple weddings I've been to so far. I'm not sure why. But the sealer said a lot of good things, too bad I didnt take notes. We all posed for some pictures outside by the temple and then headed to a church building for the luncheon.

Brian's brother recently returned home about 3 weeks ago from his mission in Japan. So the food at the luncheon was food from that country. His brother made these veggie & shrimp pancakes with bacon on the top and fried rice, white rice, and a mixture of meat/veggies/tofu that you could put on top. I got so full but it tasted really good. I liked the rice with the meat stuff on top the best.

After the lunch everyone was really full & sleepy but I wasnt so tired so I got online at Brian's house for a bit and waited for Tony to come pick me up. Turns out he was on his bike. And I was in a skirt. Luckily he was thoughtful & brought me a pair of shorts which I wore under my skirt. The whole way (about 15/20 min to his place) I was worried my flip flops would fall off and I teased him that if I lost my shoes we could go to DI or Goodwill & I could buy new ones! LOL Too bad they didnt fall off...

Tony & I hung out with his roomies & watched some movie on his projector where you can watch movies on the wall - so cool - and then we rode on his bike to Farmington, about 30 min away or so, for the reception.
They had a potato bar & gelato. Dancing & cutting the cake. Daniel Barnett caught the garter which was really a fancy candy necklace! Haha

Saturday I got to go to my sister - Hermana Skinner - baptism for a family in West Valley. I walked into the room and didnt see her, just her comp. Then someone said, she's playing the piano! I looked and Yes! There she was. Her hair was darker though so I guess it pretty much surprised me. I got to lead the music for the opening hymn which was fun but a little hard to lead & sing in Spanish but I did okay.

Next I met up with one of my good online friends, Aimee aka mouse_feet ...I dont even know how we met, maybe it was thru my online 'zine but we have been friends online since I was 16 or earlier. SO long ago! We have never met but finally this last time I was in Utah we agreed to meet up at "The Pie" in SLC. Way good pizza & it was fun to meet Aimee and her husband and daughter and talk for awhile. I was a bit nervous but meeting up went really well I thought. She is really fun and if I lived in Utah I'm sure we would see each other more often!

Tony's roomie Mike has 4 lizards so we played with them for a bit.

Met up with my old friend & neighbor back in Woodland, CA, TIM QUINN!! He lives in SLC and works. It was so awesome to see him again and me, him and Tony went to eat at Rubi Grill for dinner which was tasty & we all talked and I got to catch up on things that Tim has been up to. Thanks Tim for being able to meet up on Saturday evening!

Then Tony & I rode from SLC to Provo to meet up with Carissa & Michael, Nicole & Ben at Sub Zero Ice. Let me just say, 40 min is a long time to ride on a bum was very sore.

Sub Zero ice cream has a few locations in Utah or you can have a franchise in another state. Its my favorite place to go...I made my ice cream with these flavors : chocolate fudge, marshmallow creme, mint, cherry & vanilla..with marshmallows as a mix in. OH it was delish!

We left Sunday morning around 9am. Stopped and visited Brittany's cousin and her husband somewhere in a new house they moved into recently. It is 5 bdrms and SUPER NICE. 5 fruit trees in backyard and Johnny climbed the apple tree and threw apples at me, like in the Wizard of Oz!

Drove through Kanab... ....and Page.... and finally got back to Mesa around 7:30pm.
I'm glad I was able to go to the wedding even though I am traveling to UT 2 wknds in a row but it was worth it to be there for the Ashdown's wedding and to see Tony & Tim and Carissa & Nicole!


Carissa said...

It was so fun to have you visit! Michael and I are always happy to see you!

Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

You are the crazy traveler! Every weekend you are some place different... that is awesome.

Stacie said...

haha yeah I lately I have been going so many places!! Gotta take a break though, as much as I love to travel, I dont want to be spoiled by going out of town all the time! Lol

Gates & Tausha said...

another amazin trip for STACAY!!!! fun!!!