Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Montezuma Castle, Sedona & Fair!

The wknd of the 18th was a super busy one. I went to Montezuma Castle with my friends Kapri, Lydia and Beth, all from the Gable YSA ward. The castle is about an hour or so away from Mesa. It wasnt really a hike, more of a walk, but it was really pretty! Interesting as well to learn about the people who lived here a long time ago.

Then we stopped at a roadside stand and I tried Indian Fry Bread for the first time. I got the cinnamon and sugar one. It was sooo delish!

We decided to drive through Sedona because it was close and it was only around 11am or so. We stopped at a church baazaar and walked around for a bit. Tried to get to downtown Sedona but there was road construction and everyone was forced into one lane of traffic. After super slowness for a mile or two we decided to turn around and head back to Mesa.

It was a nice morning trip though! When I got back to Mesa I quickly headed downtown for the Mesa Festival on Main Street. It was really really cool & I wish I coulda stayed longer. All the shops on Main St had set up their items for purchase outside, there were crafty people with booths, food, music...ahh.

Balloons let up in the sky for Christian & Stephanie Nielson

Justin picked me up around 4pm and we drove into Phoenix to go to the fair. It was my 2nd time going and our main reason was to see Weezer in concert as well as use up the rest of my fair tickets from Thursday night. PLUS we tried the fried M&M's...pretty tasty. Very sweet.

First Angels & Airwaves performed - they had some sweet lighting effects

Then Weezer came out. I didnt know many of their songs but they did a good job

Met up with my friend Russ and his date and we rode on a few rides, I got an Indian Frybread Taco and we walked around the Exhibition Building for a bit, then headed home. Yay for the fair!


Gates & Tausha said...

was that fried cheesecake?! gates totally got that at the fair too!!! oh i love the fair...the Fair...THE FAIR!! i could live there...there...THERE!! :) ahha...ok and i've NEVER been to montezumas castle...neva! how sad. im going to live through you. :) ahha...

(ok...mesa festival parade thing? i want one!! cool!!)

Aaron and Ashley said...

Yes that is awesome! You are always going on some cool outing and I love to read about all of them! Thnx...I will have to try Indian Fry Bread sometime! :)

Love Ash

Mike and Heather said...

Hey Stacie,
Thanks for the post...yes it was definitely entertaining to see Mike get hypnotized but yeah, I'm not brave enough to do that either. It looks like the Weezer concert was lots of fun--we're jealous! We wanted to see them! Well take care and enjoy your sunny Arizona weather!

Steve said...

Stacie, I had fry bread like 16 years ago, that stuff is good!

Good memories, thanks for posting the pics