Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday - Not Always A Blah Day

Today was a happy happy Monday. Usually my Monday's are happy despite the fact I'm never ready to head back to work...however today was a different sort of Monday. Why?

- work day went by fast - probably because I didn't eat lunch until almost 1pm. Then I get off at 4...eating lunch later makes the afternoon go faster. My boss Gary made chili and Tricia brought it to work & wanted me to try it. It was so good I had two helpings. Mmm I miss eating my dad's chili & the Woodland 2nd ward Chili cook off.

- mail - usually I check the mail every 2 or 3 days. I walk down the street and open box number 4 and see what bills & ads are there. However today I had a flat envelope. Addressed to me! And..a magical key. I love getting the key. It means I have a package. This is only the 2nd time I have gotten this key. I quickly opened the larger door on the mailbox and there was not one but two boxes & a big flat envelope! WOOHOO! I was so excited I couldn't walk back to my place fast enough to open everything up.

Here are the goods I scored:

I have been a member of snapfish.com FOREVER but I have never ordered pics thru them. My scrapbook group meets on the 27th and I'm pretty much sick of scrap booking old pictures so I went thru a lot of folders of pics I have on my computer & chose 116 different pictures to get printed so I can scrapbook them! I am so excited. Recent pics!! WOOHOO! Snapfish did a good job - my pics were 9 cents each and I spent about $20 total including shipping & handling.

My most favorite site right now besides my regular gmail, facebook, photobucket, blogger is Slickdeals.net
I find so much great stuff on here to buy. Its ridiculous. The screen protectors were $3 total with free shipping. The jump drive was $7.99 total with free shipping. That came from newegg.com Today I ordered micro headphones for twenty-five cents. Yes its true. With free shipping! Cant beat that. I found a tool bag at Sears that you can actually go in and pick up or order online (s&h charges apply though) and the tool bag is only FIVE DOLLARS. Pretty sweet. I dont really need it but I thought it was a good deal.

Pics of me & mi familia @ Apple Hill

Apple Hill. Just saying the phrase makes me smile & remember the yearly drive with my family up past Sacramento to the Placerville area where we'd always stop at Abel's Apple Acres to eat apple donuts and maybe pick out some pumpkins or apples to take home. Then we would drive on a road that was windy up thru trees that were changing color with the season and we'd stop at touristy / crafty places and walk around and see the cool stuff people had to offer. My parents would buy lots of fruit, esp apples, which we dried or made applesauce with back at home. We would stop to eat a picnic lunch in a place that was always crowded with people but I cant imagine eating anywhere else. There was all these tall slabs of wood stacked around a tree and we called it a Tee pee and pretended Indians lived in there. Ahh good times. The air up there at Apple Hill smelled so fresh and clean. I miss it. So this year when my friend Liz from my stake back home in CA, posted her facebook status that she was going to Apple Hill , I asked her to buy me some apple donuts & mail them to me. And she did!! They smell so good. I cant wait to eat one. My mouth waters at the thought of an apple donut. Straight from Apple Hill.

Other awesome Monday news....I had two more sets of friends get engaged.That's just great.

Then I was online tonight doing a bunch of stuff and listening to my music instead of going to FHE and I heard a commercial on the radio for a concert coming up so I went to the site selling tickets and typed in Arizona to see who else happened to be on tour and when I saw this I almost screamed:


My hands were shaking as I clicked to see how much tickets were. I checked my bank account. I thought of the things I have for sale online and...I bought a ticket!!! I am so excited I am out of my mind. The last time I saw them perform I think was in 1999. My sister Laura won tickets on the radio for their current tour and of course she took me and we had a blast at Arco Arena in Sacramento. I cant forget the time I won tickets on the radio & Carol Anderson and I went to Oakland I think it was to see them live in concert as well. So...now I have moved to another state. Laura is on a mission. But I bought a ticket anyways and on November 21st I will be going crazy. Because I am still a fan of the Backstreet Boys.YeAH.

Then I took a shower, called Kokob & talked to her on the way to Rusty's to watch last week's episode of The Office and came home. Life is great. I cant wait for 11-21-08.


Crow said...

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It Rocks !!!!

Gates & Tausha said...

oooooooh...happy MONDAY! it's so true that eating later speeds the day right up!! and the "magical mailbox key?"...lucky lucky day! :) apple doneys...and bsb's!!! mmm you got it GOIN ON GIRL!! :)

Beckstead Family said...

Nice Monday! Awesome deals!

devri said...

bet your bottom dollar that I will be visiting that site daily.. Thanks I never new something like that was out ther.. You rock..